Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Running of the Dogs

Yesterday was a nice warm day considering it is mid-January. The dogs went out for a run, enjoyed the warmth. Did their 10 minute stint doing laps around the area and then ran inside. Tired dogs are happy dogs. ;) Looks like it will be warm enough again to spend some more play time outside. Foggy today though, kind of weird looking out this morning. The dogs just stood looking out as a deer zipped by in the fog, not walking, but running, and the hounds' ears perked up like 'what is she running from'? Of course I saw nothing, but can't help but wonder what all the dog's knew about the situation that I didn't. I'm sure they knew more than I did, inspite of the fog...and my dogs, though sighthounds, see pretty good with their noses. ;)

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