Tuesday, August 31, 2010

To Market, To Market…Just To Hang Out

I really enjoy trips to the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market during the summer months. Sometimes I get absolutely nothing but enjoy the feel of the market. The sights, sounds and smells create such a unique sense of ‘freshness’ that it is just fun being there. Just a ‘Yummy’ atmosphere.

The Farmer’s Market is even a learning experience. (What is that?)

A lot of beautiful produce of the common and not so common variety is sold there of course, as well as loads of beautiful, fresh flowers.

However, there are other things you can find there as well. Though it is called a ‘Farmers Market’ I feel it has evolved into more of a Bazaar.

Balloon ‘designers’…look a flower balloon! A must have.

Hummm…think it will fit in the car?

Perhaps these flowers are hardy enough to make it through a Minnesota winter!


A chance to accessorize!


Henna tattoos.

Man Cave anyone?

Sales pitches galore.

All that and music too!

And by the crumbs on this little face you can guess there were some pretty good eats there as well.

Truly a reflection of an interesting and fun way to spend a morning. Oh…and also a great place to purchase fresh produce.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Mill City Museum

Last weekend I was down by the Mill City Museum in Minneapolis, which is right next to the Guthrie Theater. Above is the refection of the apartments which butt up to Mill City Museum as I saw it in the exterior wall of the Guthrie.

  This is the actual building being reflected in the photo above.

For more weekend reflections head on over to visit James.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Renner Has A Roo

Many years ago when 9 hounds had taken over our home there were many ‘group’ roos during the day. There usually was a main ‘song leader’ and the others joined in, accept for the most bashful singer.

Roni was usually the songstress who started it all.

One by one the singing hounds passed away as well as all the others who were too shy to sing.

When there was just Renner and Scooter here I would play some ‘Rooing’ songs to them in hopes they would join in. Though their ears perked and heads tilted to listen, they never did. I missed hearing those head raising, sometimes ear piercing, songs from the heart.

As a lot of you know Scooter passed away a few weeks back.

091909_2_nerstrand park He is missed terribly.

Renner misses him, that much you can tell, as Scooter was the alpha between the two of them. Renner is now, for the first time in his life, without another hound above him. No doubt this has been a little bit confusing for him, but on the other hand he has all the affection possible lavished upon him. Ruby comes over quite often and spends time with him so certainly he enjoys her company.

However, this morning I played for him the video of hounds rooing and this is what I heard.

Alone, Renner has found his voice again. Rooing here like back in the days when Roni was still here to lead the choir. It actually brought tears to my eyes.  I felt he was just singing out what was in his soul and perhaps what was in mine as well.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dry Sink

[August 7 2010 013[6].jpg]

Hi all! I had some questions about a ‘dry sink’. A dry sink is simply a place used to hold dirty dishes and a wash pan filled with water in order to wash the dishes. It is usually a free-standing piece of furniture that is not hooked up to a water supply or drain. It was used quite often during the 19th century in the United States. (this is a photo from my Koch Cabin post). Thanks to everyone for visiting, asking questions and leaving wonderful comments. I really appreciate you sharing your time with me!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Koch Cabin

This is the Koch Cabin which is now located at Shetek State Park in Minnesota. While camping there a couple of weeks back we were able to hike to the cabin and have a look at the way settlers in the United States lived long ago.

Andreas Koch and his wife, Mariah Christina, steeled and built this cabin in 1859 just south of Bloody Lake. This cabin was moved here from its original site in 1962. 

Andreas Koch was killed by Dakota Indians on August 20, 1862. Mariah Koch fled with other settlers to the  Wright cabin and later to a large wetland area that is now known as Slaughter Slough. Mrs. Koch was captured there. She escaped several days later with the young George Wright.

One room which served as kitchen and bedroom.

Clothing of the period.


A dry sink in the photo above.

Tools of the period.

Seems a pirate has found his old treasure chest….empty.  Bummer!

Ruby: If these are collars, I’m not liking them so much.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Jellyfish and Other Critters

We went to a Jellyfish exhibit on Sunday at the Mall of America and though it was hard to get good photos, due to low light situations, I did get a few pretty good ones. There were colored spotlights on many the Jellyfish as they were swimming gracefully around which made for some pretty nice effects.




There were also a few little Seahorses I tried to get some photos of.



Underwater Adventures is the place located in the Mall of America that had these exhibits and also is home to a long walk-thru tunnel surrounded by waters filled with sharks, giant turtles and many other fish that swim all around you and over your head.  As you can see it can have a mesmerizing effect.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Shetek State Park

Our last camping trip took us to Shetek State Park here in Minnesota. It was a very hot and humid weekend so Renner and GrandGreyhound Ruby spent most of the time inside the air conditioned camper.

One way to cool off was with water gun fights!

Someone is looking a little wet!

There was also biking and hiking.

And lounging mid-hike, since the weather was quite warm.

Ruby in the upper corner, Renner lower middle.

Little guy kickin’ it with his hound, Ruby.

Needless to say the hounds were glad to get back and lay in the shade that our awning provided.

We also did some geo-caching, which is using GPS to find little treasures that are hidden ‘someplace’….once you happen upon a treasure box you take a treasure and also leave a little treasure of your own for the next person to find.

There were other things we did while at Shetek State Park like visit a railroad museum and the Koch cabin.


Renner: Yep, we all had a good time but there is no place like home. Ahhh…my favorite bed in the coolness of my own kitchen. :)



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