Saturday, August 14, 2010

Koch Cabin

This is the Koch Cabin which is now located at Shetek State Park in Minnesota. While camping there a couple of weeks back we were able to hike to the cabin and have a look at the way settlers in the United States lived long ago.

Andreas Koch and his wife, Mariah Christina, steeled and built this cabin in 1859 just south of Bloody Lake. This cabin was moved here from its original site in 1962. 

Andreas Koch was killed by Dakota Indians on August 20, 1862. Mariah Koch fled with other settlers to the  Wright cabin and later to a large wetland area that is now known as Slaughter Slough. Mrs. Koch was captured there. She escaped several days later with the young George Wright.

One room which served as kitchen and bedroom.

Clothing of the period.


A dry sink in the photo above.

Tools of the period.

Seems a pirate has found his old treasure chest….empty.  Bummer!

Ruby: If these are collars, I’m not liking them so much.


  1. What a fun place to visit! I'll bet everybody had a great time, too! I don't blame Ruby for her opinion, either!

  2. Matey Lo and Behold where's me treasure? LOL Thank goodness for modern day conveniences I say. :) Thanks for sharing :) Have a great Saturday :)

  3. We visited the Plimouth Plantation at Plymouth, Massachusetts a few years ago, where there are several of the cabins the settlers built way back in the early days of our country. Dirt floors, crowded conditions, families living in one room - we are so spoiled now. I mean, talk about hardship - they didn't even have internet!

  4. Oh, how fascinating? I love history in the raw like that. I particularly love seeing how people lived - not quite so keen on how they died, and I'm now feeling very sorry for the Kochs ... although they might have been pretty callous toward the Native Americans at the time. Who knows?

    But I must ask - what is/was a 'dry sink'?

    LOVE the pirate pic. And Ruby of course!




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