Tuesday, July 29, 2008

An 18 Month Old 's Equivilent of A Mexican Standoff

At lunch today my grandson was doing very well with eating and things were going on pretty smoothly until we got to the 18 month old's version of a Mexican Stand Off. Throwing the cup of milk because he wanted down, instead of just telling me he was 'all done' he decided he would do no such thing and there was nothing I could say or do that would change his mind. In the end he wound up back in his bed (crib), where I removed everything....his blankets, stuffies and so on, so he could have a little time to himself 'thinking' about his actions. We are pretty geeky here and have a video camera mounted in his room, as well as a baby monitor to keep tabs on him when we are not up there and he is *supposed* to be sleeping. There are nets made for his crib that form teething pads on top and secure the spaces between the bars of the crib.

I watched him party hardy up there, removing the nets from the rails (now they will just stay off), and rocking and rolling that crib across the floor until he got it over to the chair I had laid the blankies and stuffed toys on. It was pretty astounding to me how he figured it all out and managed to pull the blankies through the bars of the crib from the chair and back into his grasp. Grammy, here, huffed it back up the stairs and caught him pretty much by surprise with the goods in his hot little hands. I say, "What are you doing?" He looks at me and starts trying to put the nets back up onto the rails saying "Uh-Oh." Like it was an accident that they were off the rails. (It was pretty hard to keep from laughing..but I managed). We then had another conversation that lead to him getting out of his little prison and moved on to Target where he was just absolutely perfect in every way. He even carried the little bag back to the car for me.
Wish I could have taped the gyrations he went through in that crib to get it over to the chair though, that was just priceless to see.

Foolin' the old lady!

Taking care of my grandson can often be fun as well as tiring. He is full of energy on even a bad day. Today he came with a cold developing and was very tired in the morning. He took quite a long nap and is now currently sitting in a chair biting his own foot. He has munched on me twice today, not hard either time and with his eyes on me the whole time to watch for a reaction. Neither of times were the reaction favorable, but I could tell he was pulling his punches and this was just a test. Much of the day with him is a test, he continuously tries things that he knows is a 'no-no' just to see what I will do (I or other of his authority figures).

We had been over to a Target to get some mailers this afternoon, then stopped by a park to swing - he declared it 'hot' with a hand wave and that he was done, with another wave of his hands. So we left to go back to the car and go home. Once home we played with water, bubbles, and then side walk chalk. When we are playing bubbles, most of the time he stands around yelling 'bubble bubble bubble' while I am running up and down our driveway making bubbles or trying to blow them so they are all in his reach...ummm not that he actually reaches for them so much. He does do it some and begs me to do bubbles to no end, but then ignores them much of the time, until it is time to stop.

One of the little tricks he had going on this afternoon was with one of his toys called the 'Ball Popper'. It started after a rousing swing in the park, a round of bubbles and scribbling with sidewalk chalk then it was time to come inside. Being 93 degrees outside, we were both tired from the heat (okay - mostly *I* was tired). He didn't stop at all. First there was the extremely stinky pants (big job alert!) and putting his completely chalked up clothes in the wash and listening to him being all upset because the bag to his megablocks were zipped and he couldn't pour them out over his head. I finally sat down after he got interested in a book and when I did, he started playing with the ball popper. I was playing with him off and on, holding my hand over the air/ball exit hole to make the balls pop out even higher. Pretty soon some were under the couch. All upset about that he started getting a bit frustrated so I said, "just say 'help Gramma'". So he says 'elb Mammaw' so I got down on my hands and knees digging out the balls from under the couch..it was at about the 3rd time that I noticed he was actually putting the balls under the couch on purpose then calling me for help. I got them out again and warned him I was on to his little tricks. From now on a ball laid would be a ball that stayed. And now there are balls under my couch. He is not happy and I am wondering if that is why he is playing with all of his musical 'sound' toys at once now.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Midgets and Midges

As always it has been quite a while since I entered anything. There are things to say, of course, but often I wonder how worth while they are when it comes to writing them down. My husband has been encouraging me to set down in writing the stories I tell him each day after babysitting my grandson. I just don't know if I *can* tell them without my entire body demonstrating his antics. I think that my whole self is *much* better at telling the stories than just my words.

Anyway, this last weekend we went camping. My grandson likes to get up early and on Sunday morning I hear this crying...it was fairly early for a Sunday, not that it bothered me, but I'm guessing considering how close the campsites are together, others could hear it as well. I hear a noise and look up, because my head is almost even with our window in our camper (I'm a 2 pillow sleeper), and my SIL is leaving the camper, he came inside our camper to do something and then went back out. But while he was gone I could hear my daughter saying 'No, don't do that!', and the door would quickly open and shut, and well, that went on about 3 times or so. When my SIL tried to get back in their camper. I then heard my daughter exclaim, 'don't open the door I am trying to get dressed!'. So said SIL just stood outside with his hands in his pockets waiting, obviously our little buddy inside was preventing her getting dressed quickly by continuously opening the door. Next thing I saw (or heard) as they were eating right outside out window, was about muffins...my grandson (18 months old) wanted 'bapple' so he got 'bapple'. But somewhere in their conversation my little grandbaby says 'yo mama'....I heard my daughter say 'did he just say 'yo mama'?' I looked up again and grandson was pointing to his father...(did he just say 'yo mama' to his DaDa?) At which point I burst into uncontrollable laughter, and needless to say they could hear us about as well as we could hear them...except they weren't sure if it was laughing or crying they were hearing from our camper. So then when I could breath again, I just confirmed the 'laughing'. Not sure why I found that so funny.... I think I was the only one that did.

It was shortly after that I heard quite a loud 'bang' on the camper and then my grandson crying....when I saw him a little while later there were a couple of big red welts on his head. Seems he saw the 'ball' on the trailer hitch and since he is just *crazy* for balls...he headed right for it, not caring that there was a very large camper in his way - walked right into it. Now you think he would learn from that, however he managed to do it 2 more times before the day was out. His mother, who was planning to get his photo done in the next few days, has now canceled his photo session until some of the bruises on his face fade.

Another interesting thing that occurred this last weekend while camping at Father Hennepin park was that there was a huge Midge hatching that was extremely eerie! There were *so* many that you could see dark waves of the bugs up in the sky right above the tree tops. And the noise!!! That was the spookiest part of all, very loud swarming sounds that would change a little in pitch...and got louder as the swarms of them grew closer over head. They do not bite, and they stay up above the trees for the most part, still we closed everything up and went inside to play cards. It was all just too weird.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Granny Diaries

Okay - well that is the name of the book I am reading to help me understand how to be a correct 'Granny', but this post isn't really about the book, just thought it would be a cool title to an entry. :)
I went today to get my glasses that were repaired, as they were broken on Thurs, and after that on to get the an oil change on the car. Hey, lots of waiting, therefore, plenty of thinking time. (I did read the 'Granny Diaries' for part of the time, but am easily distracted by general thinking.)
It was snowing fairly hard while I was out and yet I drove thinking of several friends of mine, of Scooter - the greyhound who will soon be living with us hopefully, and other things not related to the activity my eyes and hands were involved with.
Yesterday during some emailing with a good friend from New Hampshire I found out she was recently near death while dealing with a medical episode that us dog folks would think is somewhat like torsion of the stomach. Okay - it wasn't the stomach, but was in the large intestine, where one little piece (can't remember what it is called right now) that is supposed to be attached is hanging loosly...and that gave it the opportunity to wrap around part of the colon and strangle it. She was working on trying to set up folks to hunt for a lost greyhound and was in a lot of pain. Soon after she couldn't take it anymore and went into the emergency room. She found the emergency room only had a skeleton crew on due to an outbreak of the flue. So she went in at 12:39 AM and no doctor could have a look at her until 6:30 am. Needless to say she was hurting quite badly and once they got her in and figured out what was wrong they really started working on her. Surgery, which she came through okay, but then infection set in and they had to deal with that. All in all she was in the hospital for nearly 2 weeks it sounds like. On top of it while she was in there, her dearest greyhound passed away and she wasn't able to be there for him. Very scary and sad. But she is getting past it thank goodness.

Then another friend of mine who just went through breast cancer treatment and is still doing well just got married a few months ago after waiting for her fiancee to come back from Iraq. Now it looks like he will be deployed to Afganistan. So lots of prayers for them both that this will not happen and he can stay put for a while.

I also just found out that a friend who lost her beautiful ranch in the California fires, seems like ages ago, just finally got a FEMA trailer. She lost everything, except most of the horses that were there on her ranch. Lucky for that, that's for sure, but she had absolutely nothing else. She is thankful for the trailer now but is so out of sorts in it, on bare land.... nothing else around it. Don't konw how long it will actually take for her to rebuild her life. Can't even imagine such devistation in my life and sure do hope I won't have to. However, wish there were more I could do for her.

Crazy - the way this world turns.... keeping things in perspective if possible, I guess there is more than just worrying about whether or not your kids will hate you because you are a PITA granny...just not even up there with the top ten problems. But I will still finish reading 'The Granny Diaries' cuz it seems pretty true to life so far, and rather funny! A break from the more serious places life puts us.
Happy St. Paddy's Day.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Today is today, yesterday was last weekend.

Today is a day is a day...yep, much like other days that go by so quickly you have no idea what the time is in any point of the day.
I do have a class in a couple of hours and I am trying to remember that! Did my JS mid-term last night and though I thought it would be tough, I scored 100%. Good deal happy about that. Bruce's brithday is Friday and just trying to figure out what to do for that.
(just flowing into this without fluid thought...getting the explaining over with that I promised previously).
Was a tough trip, windy, crappy weather on the way down, taking our awning off just before hitting Iowa, there we were in I don't know how many degrees below zero wind chill - wind howling away as we go the ladder out on the icy shoulder of the interstate, Bruce climbed it to cut the awning off because there was nothing else to be done that we could think of. I was trying to hold the ladder so it would slip and I was worried he would fall. After finally getting it cut off and going inside the RV to warm up a little, I was still pretty nervous about the fact that trucks and cars were just zooming by us on an icy, windy road. Out we went again I to hold the ladder while Bruce climbed it again to take off the metal frame attached to the RV, which was cracked. That gotten off, and stored in the belly of the RV we had to deal with the awning (fabric) portion which is very long. We tried everywhich way to store inside the camper but we could not get it in the door. So it was wrapped tight with duct tape and left on a snow bank beside the road. We just plain did not like leaving it there, but also had no idea whatelse to do with it and we'd already been on the side of the road for over half an hour.

As we drove the wind continued to pound us and everything you can think of seemed to work against us, wind, no music (that didn't work), the temps... Geez right now I can't even remember everything that happened. But we finally got to a camping spot for the night. Had something to eat and pretty much just collasped into sleep. Next day was pretty much the same deal, nothing working out, traffic jams, cars flipped all over the side of the road, not being able to find a gas station we could get into without hunting through 3 or 4 of them. Come the third day we were finally close to our destination and since we'd left a day early, we got there in the evening a day early, only to find out that someone else had our spot. So we ended up with the camper in front of my parents house and slept there. Total crazyness....

And that was just the trip there!

Monday, March 10, 2008

The Eagle Has Landed

Yes we did make it home, albeit -2 and I don't know what the windchill was. It was about 11pm, long, long day. By the time the camper was put away as well as the car it was towing my fingers and toes were frozen and causing me pain. One of our garage doors was screwed up and decided to come to life about 6am in the morning by setting off our security alarm and then continuing to open and close irratically, sometimes halfway, sometimes all the way, until I slapped around the remote. I guess the button was stuck, and finally decided to protest about it at 6 am. Go figure.... New form of an alarm clock I guess.

What a nice welcome back from the house...I guess it missed us.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Yesterday we just spent time at home with my folks and kids, then went on down to the pool where Keegan(grandson)learned a lot about putting his face in the water. Lyle (his Dad) was blowing bubbles in the water and Kee just couldn't stand it, he had to give it a try. We were all very proud of his progress in learning not to be afraid of the water as they live on a lake and it is important. But he had a pretty good time. Got some nice photos.

Today we met up with the kids, my folks watched the dogs, and went out to Busch Gardens. Not real impressed with that place, it was okay. We all liked the experience at Sea World much better. However, I did get some nice photos there of some wild life. Keegan was mostly fascinated with rocks. Even rocks that were only spots in the floor or ground (that were really rocks at all). He would try and pick them up and couldn't, it was kind of funny to watch.

We got back home and had some dinner with my folks. Blew (one of my hounds) seemed pretty happy to see us. After dinner the kids went on back to their hotel to pack up and get some rest before flying out tomorrow, back home. We took a lot of stuff of their's back to the camper, then went back over and hung out with my folks a little bit more, before we packed up the dogs and took off. We will be leaving tomorrow morning early. The kids will be by at about 6:30 am to bring another item for us to carry home for them. We should leave for the long drive back home not too long after that. Should take us a couple of days. I guess the visit went pretty well. I enjoy being around my parents and having my kids and grandkiddo there, all together. Nice. Keegan seemed to really take to my folks, it was a very cute scene seeing him walk along holding their fingers.
I guess the only dissappointing thing is that my Mom said they wouldn't be coming in July any more. That made me extremely sad. They do drive and I think it would be easier if they would just fly, but I don't think my Mom will do that. I am not exactly sure if we can do the driving thing each year in Feb. It was tough and expensive putting the kitties in the kennel at their age, then towing the car and bring the motor home with the dogs through such rough weather. Not something we enjoyed at all. I still feel like I really didn't get a vacation. With the camper it was one issue after another, which I still haven't written down. Eventually I will go back and talk about that.
Well I suppose I should give it up here and get to bed so I can get up early enough to get things packed away properly and clean things so we can take off.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Life's a Beach

Yesterday we packed the entire family into our RV and took off for a beach on the Gulf of Mexico (FL). Weather was beautiful. In order to do so we had to unhook everything, take the dog's fences off, secure the stuff on the inside and slide in the slides. Not awful. Took off to pick everyone up at my folks house. Got the car seat in for the little guy. Deck of cards for my folks....all loaded there, off we went. Not exactly sure where we were going, kind of...sort of...maybe. Stopped along the way at a fastfood to have folks grab a bite. Then off again towards a beach that we never got to set foot upon. There was just no parking for us, and then there was then 'no one in water - alligator activity' sign that seemed to impress no one but us. Looked like other folks like swimming with 'gators', those Floridians are fearless folk. :)

We took off again in search of another beach with parking and less alligator activity. Ended up on Bayou Road which was not meant for RV's with our brave 'captive' captain (he had no choice....) at the helm down we went on this tiny road wiggling passed park cars and people mouthing WTF!!! When they saw us... well we are kind of big and scared a lot of people including some of the riders, like uh - the navigator (no relation to alligator). Yeah, that's me, it was kind of me that got us there in the first place, but hey, let's not start pointing fingers now!

Getting off the road was then our main objective, forget the beach idea! However we did manage to get through it and the beach was again first and foremost on our minds. We finally did find a beach, meager as it was. I was kind of bummed, but the little guy had his first real romp in the sand and he had a blast. Water was too cold, and as the chief photographer, the rocks were killing my feet while trying to follow them into the water. I think I made a big enough scene as I was assisted to the sand again by to very hunky male types. My thanks to them both! :) (okay it was my Dad and my husband....). After little little guy (KeeMeister) shared his sand with the world and personally place sand in the hand of two very lucky women, we went back to the camper....which was illegally parked, air conditioner running, with two Greyhounds waiting inside (no ticket though - some good luck for a change) we traveled on back to point A with no problems.

Dropping people off Bruce and I went in search of fuel and then to the dumpstation before getting back to the campsite just about in time for our daughter, SIL and grandson to show up and take over the show. Keegan - grandson, pretty much takes the stage where ever he goes. My folks showed up and we Bergered for dinner over the campfire. When little dude wore out but could not sleep D, SIL and grandson took off, but my folks stuck around for a bit ... well until I made them start roasting marshmallows. My most favorite part of camping. We took a quick little night walk and the dogs did their dumping duties, but in the process we got to check out Orion and the Big Dipper. I notice Orion's Belt first, as the sky was so clear and the stars so bright, it was very easy to pick it all our. Once back to the camper the folks decided to take off. I went in and took my very first shower in the RV shower, where I learned that when you try to bend over, your butt hits one side of the shower and at the same time, you bump your head on the other side. A lesson well learned. Till later.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Sitting here.

This morning I wake up in a very peaceful park in Florida. Lake Griffin State Park. It was a tough few days to get here (again i will explain later, no time for going over it all again right now) but this is very nice, the exotic bird sounds on March 1st is highly unusual to my ears! Sun rising over palm trees...not in Minnesota any more Dorothy!
However, I have to sit here and finish my mid-term in Macroeconomics so there is a downside, but when I am done .... well that's the upside, just being done. So with the birds to serenade me and my dogs sleeping on the floor beside me I will get to the exam and be done with it!
Then it will be off to my parents house to visit with them and my Daughter's family (who arrived here yesterday via plane.) We will be celebrating my mother's birthday. She is 77. PARRRTYYY! More later!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

I am back

Been a while since I have done any blogging. My oldest daughter is 'besting' me...by far, when it comes to this kind of thing. And I am sure that she will continue to be THHEEE best at blogging. I will try to keep it going, but won't promise much.

Right now I am sitting in an RV on my way to FL to visit my folks. My daugher and her husband And my little grandson are flying down on Friday to join everyone.

This is our first 'long distance' RV trip, we are towing our HHR. And this is also our first winter trip. It has been a bit of a crazy event so far and I will let the story unfold here, at some point.

I am back in school right now trying to get my BSIT degree, so I have already completed one mid-term at a truck stop using wifi... and as I ride along I am working on another mid-term. I am using one of our cell phones as a modem to get out on my computer while on the move. Most of the time is works okay, but slow. I am used to cable. I am not REAL computer savvy, but better than lots and open to learning, I enjoy learning more about it all.

Now this trip we are making to FL to visit my parents has been a long time coming and finally we are doing. Going from MN to Fla in Feb. is always a little bit tricky. when you are planning it months in advance you really don't know what you are getting yourself into. This is our first time and we were pretty much in for quite a trip, and it isn't even over yet. Not to mention having a return trip to still accomplish. In tow we also have two Retired Racing Greyhounds who obviously think we have gone crazy. We should be pulling into my folks house this evening and will park out front until our campsite at Lake Griffin State Park opens up for us tomorrow. Tried to get in a night early but it was full. But then that is just one of the complications that made life exciting in the last few days.

All right, off to work on my MacroEconomics Mid-term. More later.



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