Saturday, January 31, 2009

Scooter Is A Loud Layer

I don't know how many times now Scooter startles me with this. But he gets me nearly every time! There is laying on dog beds, and then there is laying on the floor. Scooter does both a lot more than the other hounds, most of them stick to the beds. Scooter will have a nap attack when he just walks across the floor and finds a bit of sunshine and then Boom - he's down. He gets part of the way down and then just throws all 80 pounds of himself on his side in one large movement that can be heard and felt from another room. I run in to see who fell and there is Scooter laying all spread out on his side in the sun. At first I'd run over to see if he was okay...he'd crack his eyes open and kind of squint at me like, 'and the problem is...?' Now I just run in to make sure the loud thump I just heard was Scooter and not something else. You would think that it would hurt to lay down like that, but I'm pretty sure that Scooter wouldn't do anything that hurt considering the way he is when we try to trim his nails.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Monty and Vinni Keep Me Under Control

Monty and Vinni must feel that my hands and arms are over active. They can hardly wait for me to get into a position where they can climb onto my hand and/or arm and lock it down into a mode where only my fingers can move. This would be the 'typing on laptop while sitting on couch' postition prefered by my cats. And though I spend a lot of time typing this way without a thought, there are times when it get a little irritating to have one cat laying across my left wrist while the other has control of the right wrist. Occasionally I shake one or the other off, but in less than a minute I am again afflicted with purring arm weights on both arms. I have been asked how I can do anything with cats laying across my arms and hands like that, how do I stand it. To be honest I am not really sure, first it takes me a while to realize what has happened. I think I am so used to it that it doesn't occure to me until I want to scratch my nose or something that I can't move my arms. I also believe that some sort of mutation has taken place where my fingers can now type with heavy objects laying on them. There are times when I could swear I have grown extra fingers and then realize it is just a paw adding a few key strokes of its own. I believe the cats consider this biological evolution at its finest.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snowy Reactions

I love a fresh snow in the winter time, it makes the potty area of our yard look nice and new. White, not icy yellow spots all over. The hounds run out and 'OH...What's This?' and sniff all around like they have never seen it before. There is some vigorous romping for a minute or two, followed by serious business, then more vigorous romping. Fun to watch even at 5:30 in the morning. Then they all run in wagging and looking up at me like 'did you see that!!These hounds can make fun out of anything.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Back To School and Renner Is Glad

Renner is the man when it comes to destroying Books, Papers and what have you. I am in school again, none the less it is just the 3rd day and I am still in semi-panic mode trying to get it all organized and fit in to my schedule. Feel like I am losing my mind half of the time and Renner thinks I should just 'relax'...chew on a good book, rip out a page or two. Words are better digested through the intestines than the mind. He is always kind enough though to rip up the parts that I have already digested mentally. So far so good there. Not sure how he knows which thing I haven't read yet and leaves it in tact. But I really do appreicate his thoughfulness in that area. Meanwhile, I do believe he has giving the term 'bookworm' a whole new definition.

Nothing much else going on here today, the temp is above freezing which is a change. Looking at 7 degrees right now. The day started with water all over the counter and under the sink, so I pulled everything out and cleaned it up. I guess we are having issues with the reverse osmosis. So I'm guessing we will be looking at dealing with that as a weekend project. Meanwhile Monty (kitty) was bugging me about 'food' 'food' 'food'. This sort of thing always helps when you are stuck under a kitchen cabinet trying to clean up a large mess. Then of course that pretty well marked the start of how this day was going to go. Yep...right on target. One frustration after another. Got the dog nails done though, I'm sure the pooches are real happy I found time for that, and also their teeth brushed, another thing they are always thrilled with. But right now everyone is cooling it for them, the worst part of the day is over. I have just finished cleaning up the large poop bag's spillage when I tried to change it and it developed a hole, spilling frozen poop all over the garage floor as I tried to move it through the garage. Hey - wait, the day is only half over, the clock says NOON. :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Today Comes Action!

On Tuesdays I babysit my Grandson all day, instead of him going to day care. The dogs hit the family room in the morning and see the toys are in place for a little visitor. I think if they could speak they'd say 'OH Noooo'. But they stop and look at the toys then look back at me. Slowly go lay down. They know that their otherwise quiet day is going to be filled with hoots and hollars, and just general chaos.

I figure it breaks the monotony for them, but I bet they would tell me differently.

(Grandson is napping now) the deep freeze again today, right now I am getting a reading of -3 on the thermometer. The sun is brightly shinning in and Scooter has the sunniest place in the house right now. Even Vinni is sitting there staring at him waiting for his chance to take over Scooter's spot. Scooter does look pretty comfortable all spread out over his big dog bed, sun bathing his entire body. Very relaxed. hummm..maybe I should go lay down there and join him. zzzzzz

Monday, January 26, 2009

Let The Craziness Begin!

Today I am back at school. That statement alone should be all anyone needs to understand exactly where I am coming from. I really hate it when a new session begins because I am all stressed feeling awaiting what all the Professors have in store for me this session. Each time I am afraid I won't be able to handle it all. Even my dogs and cats pick up on it and very quietly go lay 'well...Mom needs her space today.' My cats are kind enough not to lay on my hands as I try to type, I really appreciate it that. I know that in just a week or so I will be 'in the groove' again and will mellow out, but right now I am just way too wound up. It is the type of thing where you just feel like you have so much to do that it paralizes you and you get to the point where you just get nothing done. So - time to step back, sit down...make a list, and then do it one thing at a time. No looking at the big picture for that is too scarey right now, just step by step get through everything that needed to be done and before you know it, it is all under control. I really think that is a plus for animals, they live their days one moment at a time and don't worry about the 'big picture'. Now if I can just focus on things the way they all do, I will do all right!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Good Memory For Bad Things.

One thing I have noted with my animals is that I can try to teach them a trick, or train them in some way, using positive reinforcement and so on, and sometimes the effort seems to take forever for them to finally catch on. But if you screw up just once and something bad is the result, they remember it and act accordingly from that moment on. Renner is a prime example of this. I worked with him quite a while to get him to bow on command. Now he does is very well and will even do it in tandom with the other dogs. I am not sure how long that took to teach him but it was more than 5 minutes I can assure you.We also have a media cabinet in our family room and there is a dog bed in front of it. Renner enjoys laying on that bed and 95% of the time there is no issue with that. However, he is a retired racing Greyhound and is quite tall, so we always make sure we shut the door to the cabinet so that when he stands up he won't hit himself on it.One night my OH was doing something in that cabinet and left for a moment to get something. He didn't close the door. Coincidentally Renner got up (and Ren never gets up slowly, he usually bolt up off his bed to go do whatever...) and hit the edge of the door quite hard with his back. This freaked him out just a bit because he couldn't figure out what happened and what hurt him. It didn't break the skin or anything, but from experience, I know how it hurts to bang into something and still not bleed from it. We were concerned about him, but physically he was just fine. However, the incident stuck with him and now any time someone walks over to the media center and even looks like they are going to open the door he takes off and you find him clear into the kitchen laying down on the rug out there. It went from weeks of training him to do something we wanted him to do, to just taking a second to learn that if that cabinet door is open it could hurt him.We try to even more careful with it now and usually,if we are going to open the door, we move the bed first. Still it is amazing how there was such a different in 'learning times' when one situation is getting continual 'goodies' until you do it right, then the goodies are reduced to just one if you do the trick correctly and a second of real pain. Of course this is not just true for animals, but I still leave the kitchen cabinet open and then turn around and bang my head on it. Which, I guess, would make Renner quite a bit smarter than I am huh....

Dogs Are Down.

The hounds have the blues this morning. They are laying here on their beds, chins down between their paws staring at me like, 'Don't just sit there....Do something!' This of course, would be because the thermometer is showing -14 right now. It is back...and just when they were thinking 'party outside' everyday again! The potty area has turned into kind of a strange colored ice rink with...actually it probably would resemble the surface on the moon as we see it from the earth, a surface will little pock marks...well at least something melts this ice when it hits the surface. ;) There is no fowl smell, it will come in the spring, but when temps are this cold...nothing has a chance to stink. (Except the weather of course). So I go out and spread sand all over the area so no one falls. Then it is good to go again until the next snow fall covers the area and then we start all over, mucking it up as it all freezes. Sanding it when it starts getting slippery...eeewwwww why am I thinking about this first thing on Sunday morning? Because I have had a large multi animal home for most of my life and discussing how many poops everyone did today has been a topic of conversation over the evening meal for many years now. As normal as talking about who you saw today and what you did, the ins and outs of your dogs and cats working digestive system is quite often the track your discussions take at any point in your day. No shame at all. When we are out to dinner there has been only a couple occasions where all the sudden it has occured to me there could be people now sitting over their dinners quietly, listening to the conversations of people around them, who were hungry until they tuned in to what we were talking about...and now just want to get their check quickly and leave

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Keeping Your Head Warm

Speaking of cold.....On days that the house seems a bit chilly in the evening my OH walks around with a stocking cap on his head to keep his head warm (due to the fact his hair is becoming rather scant on the top of his head). That would be far too mundane a thing for me though, I have my own head cat. Yes, Monty likes to sit on my head. He does it just about every night. See photo.

Here We Go Again.

Back into the deep freeze here, right now -11, and a wind chill advisory (I think that was between -30 and -40. Tough days on the hounds when the temps are that cold. They just don't get to stay out long. It leads to more trips outside due to not being able to get all their business done without freezing their vital parts. ;pThe dogs always seem a little mopey on days like this and so am I.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Camping With Greyhounds

It is just that time of year when you begin to think of vacations (especially in Minnesota) and warm, sunny times. I start looking at photos from last year's camping trips and think, just gotta' get out there again. Well...camping season in Minnesota really doesn't start until May so we have a while to wait (and sometimes we get a head start in April depending on if it is still snowing or not). When the season starts we go a lot. It is some work, so in the last couple of years we have gotten an RV for our greyhounds. ;)They adjusted to it really well. Matter of fact, Scooter just doesn't want to lay around outside, he wants to stay inside unless we are hiking (do a lot of that too). I actually have a video on YouTube I made about our Camping With Greyhounds. So instead I will put a link here in case anyone wants to see it. Better yet, instead of the YouTube link I will provide a link to my website and if you want to take a look at where we have camped (photos and all) feel free to. Last year's camping pages are not complete...but I WILL get around to it.

The 'Camping With Retired Racing Greyhounds' video is the second one down on the page if you'd like to view it. By the way, Renner is the Greyhound who is currently gracing (not racing) the top of the main page. He is laying in the back of our HHR which we tow behind our RV.

Blew Again

He was doing pretty good yesterday, but when the other dogs were turned out to run and play, I had him go inside. He was fine with that. He is eating well, but is still having diarrhea off and on. Morning loose by the evening okay. However, the disturbing thing with him yesterday occured last night on the way to bed. Our stairs to the upper floor is a rounded staircase with a landing half way up. He just got stuck and could not do the last section of stairs, so my OH ended up carrying him up the last few stairs. He hasn't been indicating pain though...gets up and down fine, doesn't cry with movement. He is kind of a baby when it comes to pain, so maybe it could just be that he pulled a muscle in the back, and is sore...or something. No yelping though.He really isn't due for his 6 month check yet, but something happened to him a couple of days ago. I am a bit puzzled at this point and will be taking him in for an exam early next week.Meanwhile I will be watching him closely to see if anything else is going on, but other than these few strange things he has been doing, he was was pretty much his happy old self yesterday, wagging and on and so forth.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Blew had an episode yesterday that upset me just a bit, I was worried that he had a stroke, or some sort of a seizure. He just suddenly got up, and went into the kitchen and just squatted and pottied. Out of the blue....he is 11 now and he sure knows how to get people up around here to go outside, but I was sitting right next to him and he didn't even acknowledge me, just got up and did his business.I yelled at him, which usually gets his attention and makes him stop what he is doing, but it had no affect on him this time. I led him outside and then went back in and cleaned up the mess. Usually he will be standing back by the door to come in, but he wasn't he was just standing outside...I called him in and as he walked to the door I grabbed his collar and lead him into the house and onto a bed where I told him to 'drop', and I finished cleaning the floor. Mean while he kept getting up, unhappy, unable to get comfortable and turning around and around. Then he would lay there and make a groaning sound - which is his noise for wanting something he isn't getting. This went on for a while, several beds and another trip outside, trying to get a feel for what was wrong with him. Inside he laid down again and I just sat next to him petting him, telling him what nice boy he was...things like that. It was maybe a couple hours later (and more turning around and around not being comfortable) that we went outside to play. Scooter and Renner went out and had a blast while Blew just stood next to me, I was reluctant to turn him out considering the prior events. Then he got a little bit more excited to go - so I let him. He went out and instead of running like he normally does at first he just stood around looking back at me. The other dogs came in...I was chipping poopcycles out of the ice...the dogs went out again and this time he went with them and ran like normal. Time to go in. Inside he was tentative again about doing things normally. He kept turning to the left...which is why I was thinking stoke or seizure possibilites. He didn't cry when getting up or laying down, he does have a weakening of the rear end, but it didn't seem to be bothering him. A couple hours later, after dinner, he was just fine, back to normal. Today - ever better. So I don't know what the deal was with him yesterday, but I will be keeping an eye on him for a while to come to see if it happens again. I will also be mentioning it to the vet when we go in again....might be related to something going on with his chemistry. He's good to go right now though and that is a relief.

The Running of the Dogs

Yesterday was a nice warm day considering it is mid-January. The dogs went out for a run, enjoyed the warmth. Did their 10 minute stint doing laps around the area and then ran inside. Tired dogs are happy dogs. ;) Looks like it will be warm enough again to spend some more play time outside. Foggy today though, kind of weird looking out this morning. The dogs just stood looking out as a deer zipped by in the fog, not walking, but running, and the hounds' ears perked up like 'what is she running from'? Of course I saw nothing, but can't help but wonder what all the dog's knew about the situation that I didn't. I'm sure they knew more than I did, inspite of the fog...and my dogs, though sighthounds, see pretty good with their noses. ;)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


There is not a lot of treating in my house, generally they get a Chicken Jerky Strip after going potty outside before I leave them alone to go somewhere. They get another smaller treat in the evening, after any medication needed is given and doing a 'trick' before bedtime. The funny thing is that during the day, if I do not leave, they end up not getting a chicken strip. So some days when I stay home they are all about getting me out the door, at least that is how I see it. I get up and they are all up and she leaving now? Do I get a treat? Probably happens at least a half dozen times. So I have been staying home because I have been sick, been home, not leaving for 3 days straight now. They are just ready to kick me out! That Chicken Jerky strip is one powerful force!

Grinding nails

Yesterday was a nail grinding day. I have two dogs that are good with it and one that I can't get within 20 feet of with the grinder. Renner is a little tenative about it and lets me do it but I kind of have to sneak up on him and just start doing it while he is laying down. If he gets onto the fact that I have the dremmel in my hand then he gets up and starts walking around so I can't do it. So I stash the dremmel close at hand and then go a little later and sit down by him and pull out the dremmel. He is like - oh...well okay. Blew just plain doesn't care, doesn't bother him, so I start with Renner and then move to Blew. Blew is lucky due to this because a lot of times the battery goes out when I have only finished two feet, and so he gets two feet done one day, and then the other two feet the next day. No long grinding stints for him. ;) Scooter has to have his nails clipped he doesn't like that either, but doesn't have a choice since he won't let me grind his nails. I'm hoping that one day Scooter will not mind grinding over clipping as well as it is a more comfotable way to go I think.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Vinni Is Doing Fine

Just a little while ago I mentioned that one of my kitties, Vinni, was having some trouble with eating and then throwing his food up. It has been a couple of days and he is doing fine. He is on the new food, tossed what was left of the food I was taking him off of after the vomiting episode, and is keeping everything down now. Both my old guys are on the same grain-free food now, really like it, and we will stay with it for now. Now Blew, one of my Greyhounds, is having a round of diarrhea, for some unknown reason so we will see about fixing that now. You know, if you have enough pets there is always something going on to keep you hopping. ;)

They Feel Your Pain.

Another cold... I really hate them. Had too many of them in the last couple of months. Interestingly enough I feel that when I am not feeling well my dogs and kitties pick up on it and cut me some slack. I feel animals are truly sensitive in this way and have read many stories about how animals sense things about human chemistry that humans can't. There are stories out there about how animals are sometimes used to sense when a seizure is coming on in a child (or adult), how perhaps they can detect cancer, well all sorts of things. I think this is just amazing and often wonder if we humans could do this sort of thing if we were able to fully utilize our brains and elminate all the scattered thoughts running around in our heads. I can't help feeling that animals keen sense of things are elevated due to the fact that they think on a basic level and our heads are so full of, well, you name it, that we can't even begin to think or use our brains on the level our animals do. Perhaps they just walk into the room, sniff me and think 'uh-oh, that's not good, Mom get some chicken soup ready!' Now if only they could talk.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Dog's I've Known and Love

I was sitting here yesterday, feeling down perhaps because of yet another cold I have come down with...watching the snow fall and with all the zootoo things I have been reading I couldn't help but turn my thoughts to all of the loving, wonderful animals that have filled my life. Looking back at all of the photos and videos I have of them stock piled I can see that they have given me great joy and filled my life with wonderful memories I will always carry in my heart. Many times due to the fact that they were all rescues, they have given me purpose. Like some of the news stories I have read and commented on, I felt a calling once I got involved with just one of them, that drove me forward to invest myself as much as possible in trying to help more of them. Indeed all of the hounds gave back ten fold what I put into them all. Many of the people I met became more than just others helping with the same cause, they became friends. They were people I would have never met if it weren't for the hounds. Shelters and rescue groups are there for the animals, but they are more than that, for many people they are saving graces as well for giving people a way to do things for others, making them feel good about themselves as well. Volunteering and giving of yourself to do some good in your little corner of the world is a great thing for those doing and for those who do not have the voice and ability to do for themselves. In return I have been given so many wonderful memories that I will treasure for the rest of my life. There is no better gift.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Cold...The Cold , Take Your Pick

I'm comming down with a doosey! The hounds are all lounging right now, taking it easy...but happy to be playing in the snow again since the temp is now 17 degrees. It has been snowing all morning and Renner in particular thinks it is important to bounce around and lick at the air with big snowflakes falling. Meanwhile Blew and Scooter are standing just inside the door with me (come on let's go in and eat breakfast!) but Renner stops and looks back at them like 'just a minute can't you see I'm busy...get out here and enjoy this with me!' He is the one that enjoys running and the outside the most, and I know he is very happy to have the temps a little bit warmer again.


Vinni was feeling very well this morning, he is one of our two 19 year old (soon to be 20) cats. He ate okay but then for some reason began throwing everything back up. I was just getting ready to switch his food, so that will be happening today, instead of after totally running out of the old stuff. Hopefully it is a short term thing and he will be just fine. He is due for an exam in a week or two, if this type of thing keeps up with him, I will move it up and get him (and Monty...our other cat) in there for a vet visit. He is plenty plump and healthy though, so hopefully it will just pass. They *really hate going into the vet!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Scooter Patooter

After days of being nearly housebound I am proud to report the weather is easing up on us here and it is currently 18 degrees *above zero*!! That being said I will turn to our newest hound who was being very cute last night. We have a little pond outside our family room deck doors and it has a light in it, and a greyhound statue sitting around it, as well as a couple of fairies. It always manages at least a trickle even in the coldest of temps. So we get wild life hanging around it. It is in an area that dogs don't normally get around to keep everybody safe, hounds, wildlife and so on. But they can watch the area from inside the house, which is what Scooter has taken up as a hobby in the last day or two. He has become our 'LOOK!' alarm. Mom...bunny!!! Look! And he really doesn't bark at them, but it gets pretty hard to ignore an excited 80 pound mass of cute ears all perked up and floppy - puppy style standing in the window, wanting you to see it, but being unable to totally turn away from it. What amused me most is that it was at 9 at night - dark outside and he is *still* standing there like - 'you just gotta' see this!'. He has been here nearly a year now and I know these things have passed right under his nose before. Seems when there is energy to be spent with these guys they will find a way to let it out. "We laugh at the cold...HA HA!". ;)


Though the weather has been tough on all things based on the outside, it never seems to totally stop the activity. Proof of this can been seen even though our recent car problems. Ahhh engines you would think but NO! They are running just fine even when it is -23. In the last couple of weeks both my husband and I have had to go get a tire repaired on our cars due to picking up a nail in our tire. And since the only place we both drive our cars is in our neighborhood, then we are thinking that must have been where we picked them up at. I personally don't see how roofers and other construction workers can function outside when the weather is so hostile, but they do it anyway. Speaking of my tires and nails in them, the hostility of the weather...road salt (are you staying with me while I am making the connections here...), reminds me of my hounds paws when walking. I have a hound that doesn't wear boots - totally loses it and is sure I am torturing him. I make sure to wipe the feet of all unbooted hounds after a walk along the road and to remember to look out for sharp things that are frozen 'sharp side up' in the snow (such as nails). Ice that forms is also sharp and so I check for nicks and such when we get back too. Usually we go into the yard for a run and don't worry much about nails there, but the ice can form a crust on the snow and I make sure to check for little nicks and cuts as well for that. Pretty easy to do on the white legs, little harder looking is required on the blue hound. I give them a quick clean and generally they are just fine. (how's that for a transition);)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Cats....

Both of my cats will be 20 years old in April. I think that is an astounding feat and they seem pretty active and healthy for their ages. Vinni is pretty different than Monty in many ways. Vinni is heavier, lazier and doesn't play with toys as much as Monty. Monty is always being fed because he is on the thin side, loves his food, really very active for a 20 year old and the trouble maker of the two. He even tries to slap the dogs around....pretty funny when he does it too. Fortunately the dogs ignore him and just walk on by when he does that. Monty plays with just about everything too. I just can't believe they are both nearly 20 years of age now. They also both like to sit on me, and other people a lot. Sometimes when I am typing on my laptop computer I have a cat laying across each of my arms. Biggest problem with that is that Monty can't resist laying his feet over the keys, so sometimes he hits my caps lock, as well as other keys and I find myself suddenly TYPING LIKE THIS.... ;)

Thermometer Can't Read the Temp Today!

Okay - here we have a couple of outside digital thermometers and both of them are reading off line because it is too freakin' cold. According to our weather reports we get on the computer are saying it is currently -23. The hounds are NOT amused, Renner comes in on 3 feet (holding one up from the cold), hobbling around, from a quick potty run...we have resorted to going out multiple times to take care of business. Renner is extemely resistant to wearing boots 'like knock me out', resistant. Oh - that is what happens when I put them on him. He just kicks up such a sudden and violent protest I generally land somewhere on the ground with my glasses located in another county. So much for all those expensive types boots I have tried. This type of situation has resulted in a smaller 'potty area' for times when it isn't a good idea to let them into the larger area. Well the gate between the two will remain closed today so the dogs can just run out and go and get back into the house.

Going On A Little About My Grandson.

truly see things differently as a grandparent, I guess now I realize that I just don't remember all of these things about my own girls and wish I did, and know how precious all of these moments are now. As a mom a lot of the time you are just trying to 'get through' things and so often don't take the time to appreciate or enjoy all the little things. It is just different. Though I have to admit also that I am with him a lot more perhaps than a normal grandma, though a lot of grandma's are taking care of the grandkids while mom and dad are at work. So I am a little bit into scolding him when he does something wrong, instead of just letting do anything. I think he is a little disenchanted with me right now. When he was sick the only thermometer I had was an old fashioned battery powered thermometer (okay not old fashioned to me...but to my daughter yes). I have plastic covers for the tip of those, dipped it in vaseoline and stuck the poor little guy in the nether region with it, he was not amused.... On top of it, I did it a couple of more times during the day. The first time his temp was over 102 and fortunately it went down with the Tylenol. But you know, one day I will be able to explain to him why I took his temp like that instead of off his forehead with one of those new forehead thermometer things. For now, I am sure he thinks I am big on torture. So yesterday I saw them in the parking lot at the post office, considering the temp outside, Kee was sick, and my daughter usually has an armful of books to mail off, I thought I'd stop and ask if I could help her. She asked if I'd just sit in the car with Kee while she went in. So he stayed strapped in his seat and I sat next to him the conversation was very one sided, except he finally said 'Momma forgot me.' I assured him that she didn't and explained the situation. By that time my daughter had come back she got in and then he finally said something else, 'Where's Bampa?' I'm like - hello...what am I chopped liver?' ;) That was pretty much all he had to say to me until his mom forced him to say 'Bye, I love you memaw'. The bye came out with no struggle at all, but he had to turn the other way and look out his window to spit out 'I like you Memaw'. Actually I find it all a little funny, but I think right now he has me ranked right up there with the doctor who gives him shots.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This Afternoon

I had a doctor's appointment, got there right on time only to find out my doctor was behind in appointments 30-40 minutes. I had no book with me, normally I bring one to read while waiting but simply forgot. There seems to be a lack of good reading material in that waiting room, normally while waiting 'for whatever' I can catch up on my 'People' magazine reading...or other things I never normally read. However, today, due to the lack of stellar reading material I decided to play a game on my new cell phone. It has a rather large screen, yea!, so easier for me to see. Then I discovered since it was a new phone - no games were on it. I then set about downloading 'Bejeweled' and sat their playing it. Finally the nurse called me in and there was a 'hoard' of little toddlers rummaging around in the back hall. I commented to the nurse on it and she just smiled and said...'uh yes'. (Like Oh yes, there are always 20 toddlers loose in the hall back here by the exam rooms). Moved on through the appointment, I mean really you have got to love it, an hour waiting for maybe 7 minutes with the doctor and then you are out the door...and in with the toddlers again.

I will be going in tomorrow after fasting in the morning to get some blood taken for some chemisteries. Wonder if the halls will still be swarming with toddlers....

Anyway, after I left I went over to Target to get some 'stuff', and then was going over to the post office to mail something, just a quick shove into the drive-thru boxes... Here is my daughter's car just in front of mine at the boxes, and then she turns into the 'exit' to park in the lot of the Post Office, so I followed her. (A normal mom thing I think, even if it means going the wrong way to do it). I pull up next to her to say hi and to ask if she needed any help. She participates in a book group deal where she mails a lot of packages quite frequently and has a 23 month old (whom I love dearly) who isn't well and was in the back seat of the car strapped in. So I figured she might need some help and I would get to check in and see how my grandson is feeling.

So I roll down the window and say hello. My daughter asks if I would get into her car and be with Keegan (grandson) while she ran into the post office, then she wouldn't have to get him out. Of course I obliged. Got in the car "Hi Boogy, how are you doing?" (Boogy being my nick-name for my grandson). He looks at me and in his 23 month old way, looks very matter of fact and says "Momma forgot me." I said, "No Momma didn't forget you, it is just so cold outside ... she left you with me so you wouldn't get too cold (was -3 outside)" I talk to him ask him how he is feeling - he just stares at me... . My daughter comes back - was a pretty quick trip in and out of the post office, Keegan then says the only other thing he'd said to me since I'd climbed in his car to watch him "Where's Bampa?"

I'm like - hello little sweetie, what am I chopped liver? Anyway, I told him I loved him and gave him a daughter as well then got back into my car like a good little invisible granny should. (I guess) I arrived home to be greeted by beautiful hounds and kittens who are always glad to see me, else they pee on the floor if I don't let them out. It is just so good to be loved. ;)


Now what is up with the weather? Been very cold here in Minnesota and I'd say at this point in time it would be hard to convince most Minnesotans that global warming truly exists. The hounds do not take to it kindly as they have been hearing a lot of 'hurry, hurry' from me for the last few days and are not allowed to go out to play.
My grandson, Keegan was here yesterday and was dropped here off with a fever of over 102 degrees. He pretty much spent the day staring into space with rosy pink cheeks and his mouth hanging open to allow him to breath. I was supplying him with Tylenol which did produce some results, holding his temp down a little, making him feel like a little bit of playing, and bright moments when he saw Big Bird on TV and also of course when he saw his Bampa (my OH) come down for breakfast. He really didn't nap too well, was moaning and banging his head some. I had thought maybe a really bad sore throat and cold. My daughter and SIL took him into the doctor last night and found he had a ear infection (which has now been re-named as 'a bird in my ear' according to Keegan (23 months old now). He got this from a book they were reading while waiting for the doctor, I believe it is a Dr. Suesse book (or of that type) that was all about a guy who couldn't hear because he had a bird in his ear. Keegan even told the doctor which ear the bird was in. The doctor was able to confirm that the bird was indeed in the right ear and not the left.

I just find my little grandson amazing, even with a bird in his ear.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What A Day.

Today was just 'one of those days'. One thing after another to add to the fact that I was already in klutz mode. Nothing like 'fighting' yourself to get through normal tasks...On top of it my Grandson, whom it was my day to watch, was pretty sick and had a fever of over 102. The dogs were good, the cats were scarce. Ruby (grandgreyhound) was here as well, she always comes with my Grandson, kind of a package deal. :)Cold - (jeez does it sound like I'm complaining or what!) Very cold here today, when I got up our reading was at about -21 (no telling what the windchill was). But it was cold...all day. At 1pm it was still -12. So no playing outside for little man or beast at our house. (Who me...complain?) So I am sitting down here to write a quick one, more later, while I am getting dinner (it is cooking waiting for my OH to arrive.) My daughter and S-I-L picked up their little guy and will be taking him into the doctor (should be there now actually), so soon I should get a report on what the outcome was and how he is doing. I hope he is feeling better. It was a day of non-communication with him, he is only 23 months, and sitting on the couch watching Pingu.

Monday, January 12, 2009

No Mercy For a Woman In Transition.

In the previous entry I mentioned I had to leave for about a half an hour. It is snowing like crazy here, so I got out to get an errand done real quick before it got to bad. Came back, and being that I had just mopped the floor I slipped off my boots before walking to lay things down. And of course the hounds had to go out (no matter that they had gone out half an hour earlier just before I left, we have rituals around here and they MUST be respected!) So I go back into the mudroom and they are all pretty excited...jumping around. Knocking me every which way as I am standing on one foot trying to get my boots back on... so I finally just open the door (we go out through the garage door, so we go through the garage to the door...good set up) and I still have my boots half on, trying to slip my heels down into them (too lazy, and perhaps too old to want to bend down and untie them like a normal person). They are rushing all around me ... I'd have fallen if they'd given me the space. I'm saying to them boys.. please, Woman in transition here... (from sock footed to half way wearing her shoes)...but no - they outside becons and lordy knows...Blew is always loaded for bear when it comes to going potty! About the time they are all running back in the door (realizing that they were just out half an hour before and are nearly empty...and's cold outside) I managed to get both feet to slip into my boots all the way. Only to get knocked around again due to the fact that we are going in and I am now trying to take them back off so I don't track up the floor. (Their feet get cleaned off from running on the strip of rug that runs thought the garage, my boots have deep groves that hold the snow.) I'm thinking at this point, it would have been easier to just re-mop the floor.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Paw Games

As I was writing my last entry I began to become a tad irritated. Monty is even better than my hounds in making me 'work around him' without even noticing I am doing it. I was sitting here typing and suddenly realized that I was swatting his paw off my left fingers as though it was just another key stroke. He lays, usually on my left side (I have a laptop and sit on the couch to type) and often lays on my left arm/hand/wrist (whatever) and quite often bats at my fingers on that hand while I type things. It is most annoying I must say (though some would think endearing I'm sure). But I get on a roll sometimes and his paw is always darting over the key board, between my fingers and just everywhere, I keep swatting it out of my way until finally it ends with shaking him off my hand completely. Not to worry though, less than a minute later he is back...pressing the Caps Lock mid-sentence.Occasionally I will start to do a crossword puzzle on the computer (I have a favorite site) and will leave it to do something else. When I come back I find him sitting on my keyboard...I swear he is smiling. I find my crossword all filled in with b's, v's and what have you. Needless to say I get a very poor score on it. I do believe he feels he has done me a great service to have finished the puzzle for me.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Bones For Teeth

One of the things I have been doing in the last year or so is trying to make sure I don't have to give any of my hounds dentals. I lost one little greyhound during a dental procedure, so I try really hard to avoid needing to do things with them that require anesthesia. My vet has been helping me in this area too and suggested I stop by my butcher and pick up some leg bones (beef) and then to keep the fat content down, I bake them until most of the fat has melted off the bone. I then cool them and make them a special treat. The vet suggested about half an hour a day then take them away. The problem is that most dogs have a favorite side of the mouth to chew on, if you look - you will see the teeth on one side of their mouths are nicer than on the other side (at least that was the case here). So the idea is to let them chew on a good bone until they get tired of chewing with their favorite side, and switch to chew with the other side. So I keep an eye on them while chewing and once they switch I let them have some time on the second side, then remove the bones.Removing the bones instead of just letting them have them all of the time seems to create more interest in chewing them. I keep them in bag in the fridge when they don't have them. I usually buy new bones every other week and start over. Along with brushing them, the bones have helped them chip off the deposits on their teeth and they are really looking good.



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