Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Back To School and Renner Is Glad

Renner is the man when it comes to destroying Books, Papers and what have you. I am in school again, none the less it is just the 3rd day and I am still in semi-panic mode trying to get it all organized and fit in to my schedule. Feel like I am losing my mind half of the time and Renner thinks I should just 'relax'...chew on a good book, rip out a page or two. Words are better digested through the intestines than the mind. He is always kind enough though to rip up the parts that I have already digested mentally. So far so good there. Not sure how he knows which thing I haven't read yet and leaves it in tact. But I really do appreicate his thoughfulness in that area. Meanwhile, I do believe he has giving the term 'bookworm' a whole new definition.

Nothing much else going on here today, the temp is above freezing which is a change. Looking at 7 degrees right now. The day started with water all over the counter and under the sink, so I pulled everything out and cleaned it up. I guess we are having issues with the reverse osmosis. So I'm guessing we will be looking at dealing with that as a weekend project. Meanwhile Monty (kitty) was bugging me about 'food' 'food' 'food'. This sort of thing always helps when you are stuck under a kitchen cabinet trying to clean up a large mess. Then of course that pretty well marked the start of how this day was going to go. Yep...right on target. One frustration after another. Got the dog nails done though, I'm sure the pooches are real happy I found time for that, and also their teeth brushed, another thing they are always thrilled with. But right now everyone is cooling it for them, the worst part of the day is over. I have just finished cleaning up the large poop bag's spillage when I tried to change it and it developed a hole, spilling frozen poop all over the garage floor as I tried to move it through the garage. Hey - wait, the day is only half over, the clock says NOON. :)


  1. Hey, frozen poop is better than warm, wet poop! Look on the bright side! LOL!

    Renner sounds like he read 101 Dalmatians - as I remember, Pongo was the well-read one, having eaten a set of Shakespeare as a pup!

  2. Yes I actually do like chipping it out in the winter a lot better than scooping it up in the summer. I have turned it into a fine art, if I whack it a certain way it comes out of the ice and flies right into my bucket. I am well practiced!

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