Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thermometer Can't Read the Temp Today!

Okay - here we have a couple of outside digital thermometers and both of them are reading off line because it is too freakin' cold. According to our weather reports we get on the computer are saying it is currently -23. The hounds are NOT amused, Renner comes in on 3 feet (holding one up from the cold), hobbling around, from a quick potty run...we have resorted to going out multiple times to take care of business. Renner is extemely resistant to wearing boots 'like knock me out', resistant. Oh - that is what happens when I put them on him. He just kicks up such a sudden and violent protest I generally land somewhere on the ground with my glasses located in another county. So much for all those expensive types boots I have tried. This type of situation has resulted in a smaller 'potty area' for times when it isn't a good idea to let them into the larger area. Well the gate between the two will remain closed today so the dogs can just run out and go and get back into the house.

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