Monday, January 12, 2009

No Mercy For a Woman In Transition.

In the previous entry I mentioned I had to leave for about a half an hour. It is snowing like crazy here, so I got out to get an errand done real quick before it got to bad. Came back, and being that I had just mopped the floor I slipped off my boots before walking to lay things down. And of course the hounds had to go out (no matter that they had gone out half an hour earlier just before I left, we have rituals around here and they MUST be respected!) So I go back into the mudroom and they are all pretty excited...jumping around. Knocking me every which way as I am standing on one foot trying to get my boots back on... so I finally just open the door (we go out through the garage door, so we go through the garage to the door...good set up) and I still have my boots half on, trying to slip my heels down into them (too lazy, and perhaps too old to want to bend down and untie them like a normal person). They are rushing all around me ... I'd have fallen if they'd given me the space. I'm saying to them boys.. please, Woman in transition here... (from sock footed to half way wearing her shoes)...but no - they outside becons and lordy knows...Blew is always loaded for bear when it comes to going potty! About the time they are all running back in the door (realizing that they were just out half an hour before and are nearly empty...and's cold outside) I managed to get both feet to slip into my boots all the way. Only to get knocked around again due to the fact that we are going in and I am now trying to take them back off so I don't track up the floor. (Their feet get cleaned off from running on the strip of rug that runs thought the garage, my boots have deep groves that hold the snow.) I'm thinking at this point, it would have been easier to just re-mop the floor.

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