Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dogs Are Down.

The hounds have the blues this morning. They are laying here on their beds, chins down between their paws staring at me like, 'Don't just sit there....Do something!' This of course, would be because the thermometer is showing -14 right now. It is back...and just when they were thinking 'party outside' everyday again! The potty area has turned into kind of a strange colored ice rink with...actually it probably would resemble the surface on the moon as we see it from the earth, a surface will little pock marks...well at least something melts this ice when it hits the surface. ;) There is no fowl smell, it will come in the spring, but when temps are this cold...nothing has a chance to stink. (Except the weather of course). So I go out and spread sand all over the area so no one falls. Then it is good to go again until the next snow fall covers the area and then we start all over, mucking it up as it all freezes. Sanding it when it starts getting slippery...eeewwwww why am I thinking about this first thing on Sunday morning? Because I have had a large multi animal home for most of my life and discussing how many poops everyone did today has been a topic of conversation over the evening meal for many years now. As normal as talking about who you saw today and what you did, the ins and outs of your dogs and cats working digestive system is quite often the track your discussions take at any point in your day. No shame at all. When we are out to dinner there has been only a couple occasions where all the sudden it has occured to me there could be people now sitting over their dinners quietly, listening to the conversations of people around them, who were hungry until they tuned in to what we were talking about...and now just want to get their check quickly and leave

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