Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Now what is up with the weather? Been very cold here in Minnesota and I'd say at this point in time it would be hard to convince most Minnesotans that global warming truly exists. The hounds do not take to it kindly as they have been hearing a lot of 'hurry, hurry' from me for the last few days and are not allowed to go out to play.
My grandson, Keegan was here yesterday and was dropped here off with a fever of over 102 degrees. He pretty much spent the day staring into space with rosy pink cheeks and his mouth hanging open to allow him to breath. I was supplying him with Tylenol which did produce some results, holding his temp down a little, making him feel like a little bit of playing, and bright moments when he saw Big Bird on TV and also of course when he saw his Bampa (my OH) come down for breakfast. He really didn't nap too well, was moaning and banging his head some. I had thought maybe a really bad sore throat and cold. My daughter and SIL took him into the doctor last night and found he had a ear infection (which has now been re-named as 'a bird in my ear' according to Keegan (23 months old now). He got this from a book they were reading while waiting for the doctor, I believe it is a Dr. Suesse book (or of that type) that was all about a guy who couldn't hear because he had a bird in his ear. Keegan even told the doctor which ear the bird was in. The doctor was able to confirm that the bird was indeed in the right ear and not the left.

I just find my little grandson amazing, even with a bird in his ear.

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