Friday, January 23, 2009

Camping With Greyhounds

It is just that time of year when you begin to think of vacations (especially in Minnesota) and warm, sunny times. I start looking at photos from last year's camping trips and think, just gotta' get out there again. Well...camping season in Minnesota really doesn't start until May so we have a while to wait (and sometimes we get a head start in April depending on if it is still snowing or not). When the season starts we go a lot. It is some work, so in the last couple of years we have gotten an RV for our greyhounds. ;)They adjusted to it really well. Matter of fact, Scooter just doesn't want to lay around outside, he wants to stay inside unless we are hiking (do a lot of that too). I actually have a video on YouTube I made about our Camping With Greyhounds. So instead I will put a link here in case anyone wants to see it. Better yet, instead of the YouTube link I will provide a link to my website and if you want to take a look at where we have camped (photos and all) feel free to. Last year's camping pages are not complete...but I WILL get around to it.

The 'Camping With Retired Racing Greyhounds' video is the second one down on the page if you'd like to view it. By the way, Renner is the Greyhound who is currently gracing (not racing) the top of the main page. He is laying in the back of our HHR which we tow behind our RV.

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