Friday, January 23, 2009

Blew Again

He was doing pretty good yesterday, but when the other dogs were turned out to run and play, I had him go inside. He was fine with that. He is eating well, but is still having diarrhea off and on. Morning loose by the evening okay. However, the disturbing thing with him yesterday occured last night on the way to bed. Our stairs to the upper floor is a rounded staircase with a landing half way up. He just got stuck and could not do the last section of stairs, so my OH ended up carrying him up the last few stairs. He hasn't been indicating pain though...gets up and down fine, doesn't cry with movement. He is kind of a baby when it comes to pain, so maybe it could just be that he pulled a muscle in the back, and is sore...or something. No yelping though.He really isn't due for his 6 month check yet, but something happened to him a couple of days ago. I am a bit puzzled at this point and will be taking him in for an exam early next week.Meanwhile I will be watching him closely to see if anything else is going on, but other than these few strange things he has been doing, he was was pretty much his happy old self yesterday, wagging and on and so forth.

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