Saturday, January 17, 2009


Though the weather has been tough on all things based on the outside, it never seems to totally stop the activity. Proof of this can been seen even though our recent car problems. Ahhh engines you would think but NO! They are running just fine even when it is -23. In the last couple of weeks both my husband and I have had to go get a tire repaired on our cars due to picking up a nail in our tire. And since the only place we both drive our cars is in our neighborhood, then we are thinking that must have been where we picked them up at. I personally don't see how roofers and other construction workers can function outside when the weather is so hostile, but they do it anyway. Speaking of my tires and nails in them, the hostility of the weather...road salt (are you staying with me while I am making the connections here...), reminds me of my hounds paws when walking. I have a hound that doesn't wear boots - totally loses it and is sure I am torturing him. I make sure to wipe the feet of all unbooted hounds after a walk along the road and to remember to look out for sharp things that are frozen 'sharp side up' in the snow (such as nails). Ice that forms is also sharp and so I check for nicks and such when we get back too. Usually we go into the yard for a run and don't worry much about nails there, but the ice can form a crust on the snow and I make sure to check for little nicks and cuts as well for that. Pretty easy to do on the white legs, little harder looking is required on the blue hound. I give them a quick clean and generally they are just fine. (how's that for a transition);)

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