Tuesday, January 20, 2009

They Feel Your Pain.

Another cold... I really hate them. Had too many of them in the last couple of months. Interestingly enough I feel that when I am not feeling well my dogs and kitties pick up on it and cut me some slack. I feel animals are truly sensitive in this way and have read many stories about how animals sense things about human chemistry that humans can't. There are stories out there about how animals are sometimes used to sense when a seizure is coming on in a child (or adult), how perhaps they can detect cancer, well all sorts of things. I think this is just amazing and often wonder if we humans could do this sort of thing if we were able to fully utilize our brains and elminate all the scattered thoughts running around in our heads. I can't help feeling that animals keen sense of things are elevated due to the fact that they think on a basic level and our heads are so full of, well, you name it, that we can't even begin to think or use our brains on the level our animals do. Perhaps they just walk into the room, sniff me and think 'uh-oh, that's not good, Mom get some chicken soup ready!' Now if only they could talk.

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