Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Grinding nails

Yesterday was a nail grinding day. I have two dogs that are good with it and one that I can't get within 20 feet of with the grinder. Renner is a little tenative about it and lets me do it but I kind of have to sneak up on him and just start doing it while he is laying down. If he gets onto the fact that I have the dremmel in my hand then he gets up and starts walking around so I can't do it. So I stash the dremmel close at hand and then go a little later and sit down by him and pull out the dremmel. He is like - oh...well okay. Blew just plain doesn't care, doesn't bother him, so I start with Renner and then move to Blew. Blew is lucky due to this because a lot of times the battery goes out when I have only finished two feet, and so he gets two feet done one day, and then the other two feet the next day. No long grinding stints for him. ;) Scooter has to have his nails clipped he doesn't like that either, but doesn't have a choice since he won't let me grind his nails. I'm hoping that one day Scooter will not mind grinding over clipping as well as it is a more comfotable way to go I think.

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