Thursday, January 15, 2009

Going On A Little About My Grandson.

truly see things differently as a grandparent, I guess now I realize that I just don't remember all of these things about my own girls and wish I did, and know how precious all of these moments are now. As a mom a lot of the time you are just trying to 'get through' things and so often don't take the time to appreciate or enjoy all the little things. It is just different. Though I have to admit also that I am with him a lot more perhaps than a normal grandma, though a lot of grandma's are taking care of the grandkids while mom and dad are at work. So I am a little bit into scolding him when he does something wrong, instead of just letting do anything. I think he is a little disenchanted with me right now. When he was sick the only thermometer I had was an old fashioned battery powered thermometer (okay not old fashioned to me...but to my daughter yes). I have plastic covers for the tip of those, dipped it in vaseoline and stuck the poor little guy in the nether region with it, he was not amused.... On top of it, I did it a couple of more times during the day. The first time his temp was over 102 and fortunately it went down with the Tylenol. But you know, one day I will be able to explain to him why I took his temp like that instead of off his forehead with one of those new forehead thermometer things. For now, I am sure he thinks I am big on torture. So yesterday I saw them in the parking lot at the post office, considering the temp outside, Kee was sick, and my daughter usually has an armful of books to mail off, I thought I'd stop and ask if I could help her. She asked if I'd just sit in the car with Kee while she went in. So he stayed strapped in his seat and I sat next to him the conversation was very one sided, except he finally said 'Momma forgot me.' I assured him that she didn't and explained the situation. By that time my daughter had come back she got in and then he finally said something else, 'Where's Bampa?' I'm like - hello...what am I chopped liver?' ;) That was pretty much all he had to say to me until his mom forced him to say 'Bye, I love you memaw'. The bye came out with no struggle at all, but he had to turn the other way and look out his window to spit out 'I like you Memaw'. Actually I find it all a little funny, but I think right now he has me ranked right up there with the doctor who gives him shots.

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