Friday, January 30, 2009

Monty and Vinni Keep Me Under Control

Monty and Vinni must feel that my hands and arms are over active. They can hardly wait for me to get into a position where they can climb onto my hand and/or arm and lock it down into a mode where only my fingers can move. This would be the 'typing on laptop while sitting on couch' postition prefered by my cats. And though I spend a lot of time typing this way without a thought, there are times when it get a little irritating to have one cat laying across my left wrist while the other has control of the right wrist. Occasionally I shake one or the other off, but in less than a minute I am again afflicted with purring arm weights on both arms. I have been asked how I can do anything with cats laying across my arms and hands like that, how do I stand it. To be honest I am not really sure, first it takes me a while to realize what has happened. I think I am so used to it that it doesn't occure to me until I want to scratch my nose or something that I can't move my arms. I also believe that some sort of mutation has taken place where my fingers can now type with heavy objects laying on them. There are times when I could swear I have grown extra fingers and then realize it is just a paw adding a few key strokes of its own. I believe the cats consider this biological evolution at its finest.


  1. Oh, how I remember that happening! I used to have cats, till I got too allergic to them. I didn't have a laptop in those days, but I might be trying to read, or crochet, and they'd be there, lending a 'helping' paw.

    The most fun for them, was when I'd spread a paper pattern out on my fabric on the floor. They seemed to think it was specially for their benefit. It didn't matter where they were when I started, they'd appear as if by magic to walk all over the pattern, knock over the pot of pins and play with the tape measure. I still remember the look of wounded bewilderment as I tried to shoo them off.

    'But we came to help you!!'


  2. I would lay my cloth and pattern out on the floor as well and they would shake their little behinds back and forth getting ready for a pounce and the dive 'under' the fabric turning into a pile. Not good for the paper pattern at all. Very funny though. Cats have a great sense of humor. ;)

    When they were around it would take me twice as long to cut something out.




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