Sunday, January 11, 2009

Paw Games

As I was writing my last entry I began to become a tad irritated. Monty is even better than my hounds in making me 'work around him' without even noticing I am doing it. I was sitting here typing and suddenly realized that I was swatting his paw off my left fingers as though it was just another key stroke. He lays, usually on my left side (I have a laptop and sit on the couch to type) and often lays on my left arm/hand/wrist (whatever) and quite often bats at my fingers on that hand while I type things. It is most annoying I must say (though some would think endearing I'm sure). But I get on a roll sometimes and his paw is always darting over the key board, between my fingers and just everywhere, I keep swatting it out of my way until finally it ends with shaking him off my hand completely. Not to worry though, less than a minute later he is back...pressing the Caps Lock mid-sentence.Occasionally I will start to do a crossword puzzle on the computer (I have a favorite site) and will leave it to do something else. When I come back I find him sitting on my keyboard...I swear he is smiling. I find my crossword all filled in with b's, v's and what have you. Needless to say I get a very poor score on it. I do believe he feels he has done me a great service to have finished the puzzle for me.

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