Tuesday, October 31, 2006

More Poopadom!

Good Morning! Or hopefully it will be. Got one paper done yesterday and need to do a 7 page paper by the end of today. Not to mention the other endless things that must get done.

OH .... HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Yes and it will be a cold one. Too bad for all the little goblins that will be prowling around in the dark. I'm ready for them though...all 9 of them. That is the average number and it seems to drop a little more every year.

Family is coming over for dinner and to hang for Halloween. I really do like that, though I don't like the dinner part. Not because I hate making it, it is more because we just never know what to have. I have no idea...maybe 'skeddy'.

The most exciting news of the week is that a new dog buddy is joining the pack. Saturday we will be going to get him. Another greyhound, no big surprise there eh? I hope he will fit in well here and get along well with blue dog and tripod boy. He is having some problems with his foot (ankle area I think), so I will be making an appointment for him at the vet right away.

Okay the paper must be done, no more avoiding it SO onward!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

A Gift of Time!

Got up this morning and realized it was earlier than I first thought. Yippee! An extra hour has entered my life! This is great.

Went to a Halloween party last night dressed as a clothes basket of dirty clothes. Costume completed with a singing dog that wore a bandana on his head singing 'Born To Be Wild' sitting in the dirty clothes.
Yes, I am just a puzzle waiting to be solved...with a piece missing!

It was a nice party, but it was good to get home and out of the basket. The doggies were good while we were gone, glad for that as I was too tired to have to clean up any messes after taking a shower to get the gook out of my hair and the smeared on black eye make up off my face and hands. They are good boys most all of the time, unless some one knocks on the door when I am gone, or there is a storm going on.

For some reason the blue greyhound decides to pee...or poop, on the floor to keep the 'would-be' unwanted visitors at bay. Or so we (blue dog and I) would like to think. I am sure others think him such a coward and that he is really just getting the excrement scared out of him, but blue dog and I know better!

Speaking of storms...this is another area where blue dog rocks. He will let you know if there is one within 100 miles of the place by suffering a nearly complete mind loss which seem to be partially restored by putting on his 'storm defender' cape. With his storm defended cape (complete with his name embroider on it) he can take on almost any storm! I do think the three-legged dog is quite jealous of 'Super Blew' during storm season!

BTW, three-legged dog is doing very well. He went in to get his final stitches out and a white cell blood panel done. Everything went swimmingly. Later I received a call from the vet telling me that the tests came back fine, except for one little area that was down just a bit, but nothing to be concerned about. So they faxed the result to the three-legged dog's oncologist and I guess if there is a problem, the oncologist will call.

We are thinking of adding a third greyhound to our family here. Since we are used to having eight of them and are down to two, one with only three legs and the blue dog getting older and unable to be alone without 'compiling' his anxiety on the tile in the kitchen....it seems the way to go. Three is a good number. I like three...it is one of my favorite numbers, like 9 or 13. Ummmmm...better stick with three.

Let's see what Sunday brings.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

My Drooling Friend

Been trying to type something but have been having an on-going hand battle with my gray tabby over the keyboard. He really seems to have a thing for laying on the keyboard and hugging my hands. So a compromise has been established and he is now fast asleep with one paw over my left hand, his head over the tab area of my keyboard. He doesn't seem to mind much when my finger needs to move over to do a 'shift' to get the capitol letter to begin a new sentence. At least he isn't drooling, oh yes, he is a drooler, otherwise a perfect kitty. He sits on the back of the couch and lays head on my head, sometimes giving me a little scalp massage first. What a guy eh? :) This is all fine and well until he feels so relaxed that he 'forgets to swallow'. About the time I feel a little drip of drool running down my forehead he is relieved of his position on my head. I feel bad for the guy, because I know it isn't his fault. BUT not so badly that I can stand having his drool run down my face!

I consider him very Spacial.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Monday - Fun Day.

Today was a slow day for around here. Cold, dreary, and not real motivating. Got a lot done over the weekend though. The three legged dog is still doing quite well. The last stitches will come out this coming Friday and also a white blood cell test will be done. However, for some reason, the appetite was off today as well as last night so I hope that doesn't mean anything.

Right now I am sitting here with an old siamese buddy of mine....after dinner I have a sugar free pudding with a little whipped cream on top, and this kitty knows that part of that whipped cream is meant for the end of a kitty's nose. Funny how cats can sleep sitting straight up.

As you can see nothing very exciting going on around here right now. Woo-whooo...

Guess I am out of here as I need to work on a paper discussing the evidence that supports and/or refutes a biological foundation for homosexuality. Yipee Skippy!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Flying Ticks

How the ticks of the clock seem to just fly by. Can't believe it has been so long since I have said anything here.

Life has been more than full around here. Unfortunately not always full of good things, as I have lost even more of my doggy buddies in the last year than I care to even talk about. Also am dealing with one that has cancer...being too young to put down the offending leg was amputated and now chemo is in full swing. So hoping this one will be a suvivor! Amazing how dogs just don't seem to care about a missing limb, to them it is life as usual. The chemo has not caused any problems with bodily functions, which is good for the both of us. But then again, chemo usually doesn't cause many problems for dogs.

One very good thing is that there is a new little life coming into my world. This is a first time happening and my biggest hope is that I will be a good grandparent!

Classes are plugging along, not too much of a problem there. Except that it is really cutting into my gaming and reading time...far too much. :) I can't even begin to describe my backlog of books here. My to do list is so long that if I could read them continously until the day I die, I still probably wouldn't get through all of them.

The three-legged dog is now standing before me giving me that lean and hungry look. I guess if I am putting so much time and money into survival I should probably consider nutrition as well. Feeding time.




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