Saturday, October 21, 2006

Flying Ticks

How the ticks of the clock seem to just fly by. Can't believe it has been so long since I have said anything here.

Life has been more than full around here. Unfortunately not always full of good things, as I have lost even more of my doggy buddies in the last year than I care to even talk about. Also am dealing with one that has cancer...being too young to put down the offending leg was amputated and now chemo is in full swing. So hoping this one will be a suvivor! Amazing how dogs just don't seem to care about a missing limb, to them it is life as usual. The chemo has not caused any problems with bodily functions, which is good for the both of us. But then again, chemo usually doesn't cause many problems for dogs.

One very good thing is that there is a new little life coming into my world. This is a first time happening and my biggest hope is that I will be a good grandparent!

Classes are plugging along, not too much of a problem there. Except that it is really cutting into my gaming and reading time...far too much. :) I can't even begin to describe my backlog of books here. My to do list is so long that if I could read them continously until the day I die, I still probably wouldn't get through all of them.

The three-legged dog is now standing before me giving me that lean and hungry look. I guess if I am putting so much time and money into survival I should probably consider nutrition as well. Feeding time.


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