Monday, October 23, 2006

Monday - Fun Day.

Today was a slow day for around here. Cold, dreary, and not real motivating. Got a lot done over the weekend though. The three legged dog is still doing quite well. The last stitches will come out this coming Friday and also a white blood cell test will be done. However, for some reason, the appetite was off today as well as last night so I hope that doesn't mean anything.

Right now I am sitting here with an old siamese buddy of mine....after dinner I have a sugar free pudding with a little whipped cream on top, and this kitty knows that part of that whipped cream is meant for the end of a kitty's nose. Funny how cats can sleep sitting straight up.

As you can see nothing very exciting going on around here right now. Woo-whooo...

Guess I am out of here as I need to work on a paper discussing the evidence that supports and/or refutes a biological foundation for homosexuality. Yipee Skippy!

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