Tuesday, October 31, 2006

More Poopadom!

Good Morning! Or hopefully it will be. Got one paper done yesterday and need to do a 7 page paper by the end of today. Not to mention the other endless things that must get done.

OH .... HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Yes and it will be a cold one. Too bad for all the little goblins that will be prowling around in the dark. I'm ready for them though...all 9 of them. That is the average number and it seems to drop a little more every year.

Family is coming over for dinner and to hang for Halloween. I really do like that, though I don't like the dinner part. Not because I hate making it, it is more because we just never know what to have. I have no idea...maybe 'skeddy'.

The most exciting news of the week is that a new dog buddy is joining the pack. Saturday we will be going to get him. Another greyhound, no big surprise there eh? I hope he will fit in well here and get along well with blue dog and tripod boy. He is having some problems with his foot (ankle area I think), so I will be making an appointment for him at the vet right away.

Okay the paper must be done, no more avoiding it SO onward!

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