Wednesday, October 25, 2006

My Drooling Friend

Been trying to type something but have been having an on-going hand battle with my gray tabby over the keyboard. He really seems to have a thing for laying on the keyboard and hugging my hands. So a compromise has been established and he is now fast asleep with one paw over my left hand, his head over the tab area of my keyboard. He doesn't seem to mind much when my finger needs to move over to do a 'shift' to get the capitol letter to begin a new sentence. At least he isn't drooling, oh yes, he is a drooler, otherwise a perfect kitty. He sits on the back of the couch and lays head on my head, sometimes giving me a little scalp massage first. What a guy eh? :) This is all fine and well until he feels so relaxed that he 'forgets to swallow'. About the time I feel a little drip of drool running down my forehead he is relieved of his position on my head. I feel bad for the guy, because I know it isn't his fault. BUT not so badly that I can stand having his drool run down my face!

I consider him very Spacial.

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