Thursday, June 25, 2009

True Colors Thursday ‘Maroon’

This week True Colors Thursday is all about ‘Maroon’.

A Maroon Blog Background is tough to have Maroon letters on! ;)


Maroon Berries at Itasca State Park, Minnesota.


Some of the Patterns on Blew’s Coat are Maroon.



Some of the Stones Behind This Old Wood Stove Are Maroon. Taken at Charles A. Lindberg State Park, Minnesota.


Rails on This Bridge are Painted Maroon. Charles A. Lindberg State Park.

2008-09 Women's Hockey Media Guide

University of Minnesota’s Colors are Maroon and Gold.

And The Mascot is Goldie The Gopher. Notice he is wearing a Maroon and Gold Football Jersey.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

ABC Wednesday - W

This week’s ABC Wednesday is all about ‘W’.

Last weekend we saw these planes Winging their Way through the sky side by side.

Father's Day 2009 054

White Egret photographed While I was at Disney World.


White Greyhound, Renner.


Wicked Weather


Whitewater State Park, Minnesota


White Wildflowers from Whitewater State Park.


Wading In The Water at Lac Qui Parle State Park.


Retired Racing Greyhound Wally.


Wildlife In Our Front Yard. (White-tailed Deer)


Tuesday, June 23, 2009


That’d be me, with Blew’s light jacket tucked into my sweatshirt for ‘hands free’ photo snapping, and Blew….taking your photo! ;)

Actually this was taken we were camping at Charles A. Lindberg State Park about a month ago. (As many of you know, Blew is no longer with us.) :(

I take all my photos with that camera. However, this particular photo was taken by my Other Half’s cell (mobile) phone. Not bad for a cell phone, I was surprised.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend Photos

A few back yard photos.

Indigo Bunting Close Up

This is an Indigo Bunting. I haven’t seen him at the feeder before and am trying to get a better photo of him. He is so incredibly blue!

Father's Day 2009 001

Flowers of Our Dwarf Lilac Bush

Father's Day 2009 006


Father's Day 2009 007

Squirrel sitting by an oak tree just outside the fence of our dog run. These little critters are not shy around our yard.

Father's Day 2009 008

Roses In Bloom.

Father's Day 2009 014

A Yellow Iris At The End of It’s Prime.

This past weekend was also Father’s Day Weekend. A lot went on as boredom is a thing of rarity where our family is concerned.

Father's Day 2009 058


Father's Day 2009 059


Father's Day 2009 062

A Father To Son Advice.

Father's Day 2009 067

And A Cheddar Bunny Break.


Father's Day 2009 079

This is a water tower at an old train depot that a train museum now occupies.

Father's Day 2009 069

Father's Day 2009 076

Showing Bampa The BIG Train.

Father's Day 2009 082

Momma Gives a Boost Up, “I can see inside, Meema!”

Father's Day 2009 090

Fathers Discuss….

Father's Day 2009 100

The Guys Walking The Rails.

Father's Day 2009 102

Father's Day 2009 107

A Little Father Daughter Discussion.


Father's Day 2009 109


Father's Day 2009 112

Father's Day 2009 131


Father's Day 2009 144

Father's Day 2009 138

Getting To Drive A Train By Yourself.

Father's Day 2009 133

“I’m Hungry, Bampa.”

Friday, June 19, 2009

A Heavy Heart


Today Vinni has gone to join his friends Monty and Blew, along with a host of many other loved kitties and hounds. This morning he was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma on the underside of his tongue, at the base of it. Impossible to see without sedation, as it took 3 of us just to hold his mouth open and examine him. Having been afraid of sedating him at his age, I saw no other choice than to finally give in as his heath was continuing to decline. Once he was sedated, it was determined that it was clearly cancer and not a good situation. It was at that point we decided we had to let him go so he would not have to endure any further pain. He and Monty were both 20 years of age last April. Quite the pair. I am numb with grief due to so many losses in the last 3 weeks and am at a loss for further words to express my sorrow. Run free at the bridge my beautiful fur babies….you are well loved and tucked safely away in my heart forever.

Vinni’s Going In!

A quick one here today. I have been battling with Vinni's issues every since Monty passed away. The drooling has returned along with an odor and the loss of hair on one of his back feet. He has been eating baby food along with some special cat milk packed with proper nutrition for an aging cat that won't eat, expensive stuff,but certainly worth it if it gets him going correctly again. Since we have had a step backwards over the last 24 hours I felt he needed to be seen again by his in we go this morning. Wish us luck!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

True Colors Thursday ‘Black and Tan’

DSC00007roniand trixi cropped

Did I mention somewhere before that Greyhounds are lazy? ;) This True Colors Thursday is Black and Tan, see the greyhound on the left, her name is Roni and her ‘spots’ are Black and Tan. This Black and Tan marking is also known as ‘brindle’. Roni is a white and brindle Greyhound.


This is Bonnie, another Retired Racer, and she is a dark brindle, but you can see the Black and Tan markings on her as well.


Shasta too!

vinni (2)

My 20 year old Siamese Vinni is looks Black and Tan.

The following photos were taken at Fort Snelling.



Walls of the coal shed.


The blanket on this bunk is Black and Tan….military issue of days long gone by.


Black table, Tan book. Black and Tan bed linens of Officer’s Quarters.



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