Thursday, June 18, 2009

True Colors Thursday ‘Black and Tan’

DSC00007roniand trixi cropped

Did I mention somewhere before that Greyhounds are lazy? ;) This True Colors Thursday is Black and Tan, see the greyhound on the left, her name is Roni and her ‘spots’ are Black and Tan. This Black and Tan marking is also known as ‘brindle’. Roni is a white and brindle Greyhound.


This is Bonnie, another Retired Racer, and she is a dark brindle, but you can see the Black and Tan markings on her as well.


Shasta too!

vinni (2)

My 20 year old Siamese Vinni is looks Black and Tan.

The following photos were taken at Fort Snelling.



Walls of the coal shed.


The blanket on this bunk is Black and Tan….military issue of days long gone by.


Black table, Tan book. Black and Tan bed linens of Officer’s Quarters.


  1. Lazy dogs! Maybe one day Hippie will be like that - she's still very bouncy!

    I love their quilt too!

    and Vinnie looks gorgeous!

  2. Guess which ones I like best? Brindle is a perfect example of black and tan! Well thought! And Vinnie is a purrfect example, too. :)

    How's he doing?

  3. By the way, I meant to say how much I liked the splash photo when you posted it the other day - so glad to see it in your header! :D

  4. Hi Jay,
    Glad you enjoy the hound photos! I love taking them. And of course Vinni, he is kind 'so-so' right now. Holding his own but forward progress is kind of stalled out. This morning's breakfast for him was baby food....beef. First time he has had it, but he liked it. I am still bathing him, as he won't really do it himself. Very vocal though, so I know when he is hungry and that is a good thing. Ups and downs still going on with him. Thank you for asking!

    I had some help from my son-in-law and grandson making the splash photo. They provided the stone throwing while I concentrated on trying to predict where the stone would land in time to snap a photo of the flash. Fun stuff....glad you like it, thanks!!

  5. Hi Kate,
    The boys can be very bouncy....I love it when they get all crazy while playing with their stuffies, funny guys! I have had some with very playful personalities and some who just aren't that interested in toys and play. So I think part of it is just in their personality.

    I can't vouch for any of the skill when it comes to the quilt, I sure would like to 'quilt' some day, however that particular quilt is store bought...glad you like it though.

    I will pass the compliment along to Vinni - he loves people to dote on him. :) Thank you, Kate.




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