Friday, June 12, 2009

Vinni Kitty and Blew Bear

PICT0031Trix,Blew, Vin cropped Vinni and Blew

Been tough going in the pet department over the last few weeks. First losing Monty two weeks ago today, then when Monty died his buddy Vinni shut down. I have spent the last couple of weeks nursing Vinni and I am very happy to say his is well into a comeback. Eating on his own now, bodily excretions retuning to normal and his strength is returning.

That being said I have another old sweetie, Blew. He is one of my retired racing greyhounds sharing ‘his’ home with me. He has been having problems off and on for the last year at least. Wednesday night he suddenly came up lame. His back left foot causing the trouble all swollen, he could hardly walk on it. I am a veteran greyhound owner, having had nearly 20 of them in the years gone by and generally speaking a greyhound with a leg gone bad is always very scary. I have been caring for him, soaking his foot and so on. He is having Deramaxx once a day and the swelling in his foot is not going down, though he is using it a little more. So this morning we go into the vet to have a look at the problem. My fingers are crossed we can remedy it simply.

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  1. Ah Vinni - well at least you are getting better and can pass another hug to your Mum from me!




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