Thursday, June 04, 2009

True Colors Thursday - Purple

This Thursday’s True Colors is Purple.


The infamous Purple play sand.


Container says it is ‘fun’, not so fun to clean up.

Purple wild flowers at Isanti State Park, Minnesota.



The Purple wildflower below is from Buffalo River State Park in Minnesota and is Wild bergamot, also known as Beebalm. Perennial plant 2 to 4 feet tall with tubular pinkish or lavender flowers arranged in dense, globe-shaped heads at tops of stems. Blooms July-August. Leaves opposite, to 5 inches long, toothed, lance-shaped. All plant parts have a minty fragrance. Dry prairie, thickets, old fields; often forms colonies. Leaves and roots used medicinally by American Indians.


A Purple squid? to ride on a merry-go-round at Sea World in Florida.PICT0005

Wait a minute….it’s more Purple wildflowers!

These are from William O’Brian State Park in Minnesota. DSC00508

And here is our Greyhound Blew checking out the Purple wildflowers.DSC00506


  1. Lots of great purple there!
    Enjoyed seeing the State flowers but my fav has to be the Squid as it made me LOL!


  2. Now what has Blew got his eye on there!!!????
    I like purple too!

  3. My favourite colour! :D

    I blew a kiss to Blew. X

  4. Hi Blue, there any wonder no little child wanted to ride it.
    Thanks for stopping by!

    Hi Kate, it probably isn't the flowers. ;)
    Thanks for visiting.

  5. Hi Jay,
    Oooo Blew loves Kisses...he thanks you. Yes I recall you really do like purple...purple walls, purple hair... ;) Thanks for visiting Jay.




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