Sunday, June 07, 2009

Vinni Speaks

vinni christmas

He seems a little better this morning. Though I am pretty familiar with the rollercoaster ride the health of a senior pet can take you on, I am hopeful. I gave him another sponge bath last night and was a little feistier about it. As I was standing out with the dogs this morning, I heard a “meow” from the other side of the door. I had to take a minute...'was that a meow?'. I came in and Vinni was nowhere to be found. I let the dogs in and looked everywhere on the main floor – no Vinni. I thought well maybe it wasn’t a ‘meow’, but Vinni has a pretty distinctive ‘meow’ being a Siamese. I went downstairs then and found him having some water. He hasn’t been doing that on his own.

Back upstairs now, I’m tending to business, suddenly a couple “rrrowws” behind me and here is Vinni! I make him up a little chicken broth with sugar and a little dish of yogurt. Nothing would have made me happier than to see him walk up and start lapping at them. So thrilled with him just using the stairs on on his own and drinking water AND even giving me his opinion. Haven’t heard his thoughts for over a week now. However, he did not eat, but he did jump on the couch to lay next to me, took two tries and I was set to catch him if he missed the second time, he made it on his own. He is very happily curled up next to me right now. I do believe he seems a tad better. I will be calling the vet tomorrow, as they are closed on Sundays, to see about bringing him in. I know it will stress him out terribly but this has been going on over a week now and maybe the vet will see something we can work on to help him feel better.


  1. Good for Vinni! And how well do I remember that Siamese miaow ... its a sound like no other...

    Lets hope he continues to pick up - with all the love he's getting he surely should!!!

  2. Aw ... nice to hear he's feeling a little brighter. But I think you're wise to get him checked out. Let us know how you get on! I'll be watching for news with fingers crossed. :)

  3. Hello my friend - how is Vinni? Did he see the vet?
    Do let me know?

  4. Hi Kate,
    Vinni continues to improve a little. Eating more on his own, and some I put on his tongue, which he swallows and hangs around until the serving of food is done.
    I was going to take him in and suddenly he started eating. Since he gets so stressed out at the vet I put it off a few days to see if he continues improvement. He slept on me all night. Some of his old 'self' seems to be returning. Thank you so much for caring and asking Kate. It really means a lot.

  5. Hi Jay,
    Thanks! As I was explaining to Kate, he seemed to be making quite a rebound so I think I will still be taking him in. But will give him a few days more to see if he keeps improving. He hates the vet experience so much, I am leary of stressing him out if he is doing better. I really appreciate the support at this time. Thanks so much Jay.




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