Tuesday, June 23, 2009


That’d be me, with Blew’s light jacket tucked into my sweatshirt for ‘hands free’ photo snapping, and Blew….taking your photo! ;)

Actually this was taken we were camping at Charles A. Lindberg State Park about a month ago. (As many of you know, Blew is no longer with us.) :(

I take all my photos with that camera. However, this particular photo was taken by my Other Half’s cell (mobile) phone. Not bad for a cell phone, I was surprised.


  1. How nice to see you my dear!!! Well, sort of!!!
    I always use my moby for photos and videos - I've tried cameras but its just another thing to carry.....

  2. Oooh, Ooh, 'tis you! LOL!

    And the gorgeous Blew, now waiting at the Rainbow Bridge. Bless him.

  3. Kate,
    My OH keeps saying I should use mine for both photos and videos. So eventually I will spend time learning to do both. I guess it is capable of it. I have taken a couple of photos with it, but just don't feel like it gives me enough 'control' over the image. Still....it sure would come in handy sometimes. My SLR 35mm camera is pretty large and I miss out on a lot by not wanting to carry it around all of the time. So I can see the benefit of learning to use my cell (mobile).
    Thanks Kate.

    Hi Jay,
    It is.... not too revealing is it? ;) Didn't want to scare people off.
    That is my wonderful Blew boy, he was always so good about stopping so him Mom could get a good photo. Though I think he got a little annoyed seeing all the other hounds get so far ahead of him on the hikes when I made him wait with me. I really miss him so very much.
    Thanks, Jay.




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