Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Feed Me!

Just an update on Vinni. He is improving a little. Eyes are still bright, appetite is retuning. He is eating more and I still put a little 'extra' on his tongue when he is done, which he doesn't seem to mind. I was going to call and take him into the vet on Monday (yesterday) but he had started eating again on his own and drinking plenty of water. The vet experience stresses him out so badly that I decided to put it off for a few days (he is purring loudly as he sits next to me right now) to see if his upswing continues. Most likely he will still be going in this week, but if he is on an upward roll I don't want to mess with it! Huge thank yous to his supporters. I know he can feel the love and it is helping.


  1. So happy to hear he is doing better still :-)

  2. Well done Vinni - keep it up, we're thinking of you over here!!!

  3. Your title, I suppose not surprisingly, reminded me of a Diana Ross song!

  4. Ophelia, Kate,
    Thank you for you good wishes. Vinni is nearly back to normal. I know he feels the love! Thank you!

  5. Hi Roger,
    I am trying to think which song it is you are talking about. Can you help me with it? Thanks Roger. Glad you stopped by.




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