Thursday, February 28, 2008

I am back

Been a while since I have done any blogging. My oldest daughter is 'besting' far, when it comes to this kind of thing. And I am sure that she will continue to be THHEEE best at blogging. I will try to keep it going, but won't promise much.

Right now I am sitting in an RV on my way to FL to visit my folks. My daugher and her husband And my little grandson are flying down on Friday to join everyone.

This is our first 'long distance' RV trip, we are towing our HHR. And this is also our first winter trip. It has been a bit of a crazy event so far and I will let the story unfold here, at some point.

I am back in school right now trying to get my BSIT degree, so I have already completed one mid-term at a truck stop using wifi... and as I ride along I am working on another mid-term. I am using one of our cell phones as a modem to get out on my computer while on the move. Most of the time is works okay, but slow. I am used to cable. I am not REAL computer savvy, but better than lots and open to learning, I enjoy learning more about it all.

Now this trip we are making to FL to visit my parents has been a long time coming and finally we are doing. Going from MN to Fla in Feb. is always a little bit tricky. when you are planning it months in advance you really don't know what you are getting yourself into. This is our first time and we were pretty much in for quite a trip, and it isn't even over yet. Not to mention having a return trip to still accomplish. In tow we also have two Retired Racing Greyhounds who obviously think we have gone crazy. We should be pulling into my folks house this evening and will park out front until our campsite at Lake Griffin State Park opens up for us tomorrow. Tried to get in a night early but it was full. But then that is just one of the complications that made life exciting in the last few days.

All right, off to work on my MacroEconomics Mid-term. More later.

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