Saturday, March 01, 2008

Sitting here.

This morning I wake up in a very peaceful park in Florida. Lake Griffin State Park. It was a tough few days to get here (again i will explain later, no time for going over it all again right now) but this is very nice, the exotic bird sounds on March 1st is highly unusual to my ears! Sun rising over palm trees...not in Minnesota any more Dorothy!
However, I have to sit here and finish my mid-term in Macroeconomics so there is a downside, but when I am done .... well that's the upside, just being done. So with the birds to serenade me and my dogs sleeping on the floor beside me I will get to the exam and be done with it!
Then it will be off to my parents house to visit with them and my Daughter's family (who arrived here yesterday via plane.) We will be celebrating my mother's birthday. She is 77. PARRRTYYY! More later!

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