Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Yesterday we just spent time at home with my folks and kids, then went on down to the pool where Keegan(grandson)learned a lot about putting his face in the water. Lyle (his Dad) was blowing bubbles in the water and Kee just couldn't stand it, he had to give it a try. We were all very proud of his progress in learning not to be afraid of the water as they live on a lake and it is important. But he had a pretty good time. Got some nice photos.

Today we met up with the kids, my folks watched the dogs, and went out to Busch Gardens. Not real impressed with that place, it was okay. We all liked the experience at Sea World much better. However, I did get some nice photos there of some wild life. Keegan was mostly fascinated with rocks. Even rocks that were only spots in the floor or ground (that were really rocks at all). He would try and pick them up and couldn't, it was kind of funny to watch.

We got back home and had some dinner with my folks. Blew (one of my hounds) seemed pretty happy to see us. After dinner the kids went on back to their hotel to pack up and get some rest before flying out tomorrow, back home. We took a lot of stuff of their's back to the camper, then went back over and hung out with my folks a little bit more, before we packed up the dogs and took off. We will be leaving tomorrow morning early. The kids will be by at about 6:30 am to bring another item for us to carry home for them. We should leave for the long drive back home not too long after that. Should take us a couple of days. I guess the visit went pretty well. I enjoy being around my parents and having my kids and grandkiddo there, all together. Nice. Keegan seemed to really take to my folks, it was a very cute scene seeing him walk along holding their fingers.
I guess the only dissappointing thing is that my Mom said they wouldn't be coming in July any more. That made me extremely sad. They do drive and I think it would be easier if they would just fly, but I don't think my Mom will do that. I am not exactly sure if we can do the driving thing each year in Feb. It was tough and expensive putting the kitties in the kennel at their age, then towing the car and bring the motor home with the dogs through such rough weather. Not something we enjoyed at all. I still feel like I really didn't get a vacation. With the camper it was one issue after another, which I still haven't written down. Eventually I will go back and talk about that.
Well I suppose I should give it up here and get to bed so I can get up early enough to get things packed away properly and clean things so we can take off.

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