Monday, March 03, 2008

Life's a Beach

Yesterday we packed the entire family into our RV and took off for a beach on the Gulf of Mexico (FL). Weather was beautiful. In order to do so we had to unhook everything, take the dog's fences off, secure the stuff on the inside and slide in the slides. Not awful. Took off to pick everyone up at my folks house. Got the car seat in for the little guy. Deck of cards for my folks....all loaded there, off we went. Not exactly sure where we were going, kind of...sort of...maybe. Stopped along the way at a fastfood to have folks grab a bite. Then off again towards a beach that we never got to set foot upon. There was just no parking for us, and then there was then 'no one in water - alligator activity' sign that seemed to impress no one but us. Looked like other folks like swimming with 'gators', those Floridians are fearless folk. :)

We took off again in search of another beach with parking and less alligator activity. Ended up on Bayou Road which was not meant for RV's with our brave 'captive' captain (he had no choice....) at the helm down we went on this tiny road wiggling passed park cars and people mouthing WTF!!! When they saw us... well we are kind of big and scared a lot of people including some of the riders, like uh - the navigator (no relation to alligator). Yeah, that's me, it was kind of me that got us there in the first place, but hey, let's not start pointing fingers now!

Getting off the road was then our main objective, forget the beach idea! However we did manage to get through it and the beach was again first and foremost on our minds. We finally did find a beach, meager as it was. I was kind of bummed, but the little guy had his first real romp in the sand and he had a blast. Water was too cold, and as the chief photographer, the rocks were killing my feet while trying to follow them into the water. I think I made a big enough scene as I was assisted to the sand again by to very hunky male types. My thanks to them both! :) (okay it was my Dad and my husband....). After little little guy (KeeMeister) shared his sand with the world and personally place sand in the hand of two very lucky women, we went back to the camper....which was illegally parked, air conditioner running, with two Greyhounds waiting inside (no ticket though - some good luck for a change) we traveled on back to point A with no problems.

Dropping people off Bruce and I went in search of fuel and then to the dumpstation before getting back to the campsite just about in time for our daughter, SIL and grandson to show up and take over the show. Keegan - grandson, pretty much takes the stage where ever he goes. My folks showed up and we Bergered for dinner over the campfire. When little dude wore out but could not sleep D, SIL and grandson took off, but my folks stuck around for a bit ... well until I made them start roasting marshmallows. My most favorite part of camping. We took a quick little night walk and the dogs did their dumping duties, but in the process we got to check out Orion and the Big Dipper. I notice Orion's Belt first, as the sky was so clear and the stars so bright, it was very easy to pick it all our. Once back to the camper the folks decided to take off. I went in and took my very first shower in the RV shower, where I learned that when you try to bend over, your butt hits one side of the shower and at the same time, you bump your head on the other side. A lesson well learned. Till later.

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