Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Today is today, yesterday was last weekend.

Today is a day is a day...yep, much like other days that go by so quickly you have no idea what the time is in any point of the day.
I do have a class in a couple of hours and I am trying to remember that! Did my JS mid-term last night and though I thought it would be tough, I scored 100%. Good deal happy about that. Bruce's brithday is Friday and just trying to figure out what to do for that.
(just flowing into this without fluid thought...getting the explaining over with that I promised previously).
Was a tough trip, windy, crappy weather on the way down, taking our awning off just before hitting Iowa, there we were in I don't know how many degrees below zero wind chill - wind howling away as we go the ladder out on the icy shoulder of the interstate, Bruce climbed it to cut the awning off because there was nothing else to be done that we could think of. I was trying to hold the ladder so it would slip and I was worried he would fall. After finally getting it cut off and going inside the RV to warm up a little, I was still pretty nervous about the fact that trucks and cars were just zooming by us on an icy, windy road. Out we went again I to hold the ladder while Bruce climbed it again to take off the metal frame attached to the RV, which was cracked. That gotten off, and stored in the belly of the RV we had to deal with the awning (fabric) portion which is very long. We tried everywhich way to store inside the camper but we could not get it in the door. So it was wrapped tight with duct tape and left on a snow bank beside the road. We just plain did not like leaving it there, but also had no idea whatelse to do with it and we'd already been on the side of the road for over half an hour.

As we drove the wind continued to pound us and everything you can think of seemed to work against us, wind, no music (that didn't work), the temps... Geez right now I can't even remember everything that happened. But we finally got to a camping spot for the night. Had something to eat and pretty much just collasped into sleep. Next day was pretty much the same deal, nothing working out, traffic jams, cars flipped all over the side of the road, not being able to find a gas station we could get into without hunting through 3 or 4 of them. Come the third day we were finally close to our destination and since we'd left a day early, we got there in the evening a day early, only to find out that someone else had our spot. So we ended up with the camper in front of my parents house and slept there. Total crazyness....

And that was just the trip there!

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