Saturday, January 31, 2009

Scooter Is A Loud Layer

I don't know how many times now Scooter startles me with this. But he gets me nearly every time! There is laying on dog beds, and then there is laying on the floor. Scooter does both a lot more than the other hounds, most of them stick to the beds. Scooter will have a nap attack when he just walks across the floor and finds a bit of sunshine and then Boom - he's down. He gets part of the way down and then just throws all 80 pounds of himself on his side in one large movement that can be heard and felt from another room. I run in to see who fell and there is Scooter laying all spread out on his side in the sun. At first I'd run over to see if he was okay...he'd crack his eyes open and kind of squint at me like, 'and the problem is...?' Now I just run in to make sure the loud thump I just heard was Scooter and not something else. You would think that it would hurt to lay down like that, but I'm pretty sure that Scooter wouldn't do anything that hurt considering the way he is when we try to trim his nails.


  1. None of mine have done that, but staying in a house with five or six hounds, I have seen - and heard - it done. It's like a sack of bones hitting the floor, isn't it?

    My friend Tennessee Jenn's gorgeous old boy was called Scooter.

  2. Hi Jay,
    Thank you for stopping by! Yes it is rather like a sack of bones hitting the floor, that is an excellent description.

  3. Hippie is a noisy layer too!!! And if she does it anywhere close to a cupboard or wall - it sounds like demolition!!

    Even in her indoor kennel the noise is amazing and that has 3 duvets in for cushioning!!!

    Scooter looks a little like Hippie I think - its good to see another one this colour!

  4. Kate, I saw that Hippie was Scooter's color, I think she is lovely! And I don't think you should blame the CD eating on her, she looks totally innocent! ;)




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