Thursday, January 22, 2009


Blew had an episode yesterday that upset me just a bit, I was worried that he had a stroke, or some sort of a seizure. He just suddenly got up, and went into the kitchen and just squatted and pottied. Out of the blue....he is 11 now and he sure knows how to get people up around here to go outside, but I was sitting right next to him and he didn't even acknowledge me, just got up and did his business.I yelled at him, which usually gets his attention and makes him stop what he is doing, but it had no affect on him this time. I led him outside and then went back in and cleaned up the mess. Usually he will be standing back by the door to come in, but he wasn't he was just standing outside...I called him in and as he walked to the door I grabbed his collar and lead him into the house and onto a bed where I told him to 'drop', and I finished cleaning the floor. Mean while he kept getting up, unhappy, unable to get comfortable and turning around and around. Then he would lay there and make a groaning sound - which is his noise for wanting something he isn't getting. This went on for a while, several beds and another trip outside, trying to get a feel for what was wrong with him. Inside he laid down again and I just sat next to him petting him, telling him what nice boy he was...things like that. It was maybe a couple hours later (and more turning around and around not being comfortable) that we went outside to play. Scooter and Renner went out and had a blast while Blew just stood next to me, I was reluctant to turn him out considering the prior events. Then he got a little bit more excited to go - so I let him. He went out and instead of running like he normally does at first he just stood around looking back at me. The other dogs came in...I was chipping poopcycles out of the ice...the dogs went out again and this time he went with them and ran like normal. Time to go in. Inside he was tentative again about doing things normally. He kept turning to the left...which is why I was thinking stoke or seizure possibilites. He didn't cry when getting up or laying down, he does have a weakening of the rear end, but it didn't seem to be bothering him. A couple hours later, after dinner, he was just fine, back to normal. Today - ever better. So I don't know what the deal was with him yesterday, but I will be keeping an eye on him for a while to come to see if it happens again. I will also be mentioning it to the vet when we go in again....might be related to something going on with his chemistry. He's good to go right now though and that is a relief.

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