Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What A Day.

Today was just 'one of those days'. One thing after another to add to the fact that I was already in klutz mode. Nothing like 'fighting' yourself to get through normal tasks...On top of it my Grandson, whom it was my day to watch, was pretty sick and had a fever of over 102. The dogs were good, the cats were scarce. Ruby (grandgreyhound) was here as well, she always comes with my Grandson, kind of a package deal. :)Cold - (jeez does it sound like I'm complaining or what!) Very cold here today, when I got up our reading was at about -21 (no telling what the windchill was). But it was cold...all day. At 1pm it was still -12. So no playing outside for little man or beast at our house. (Who me...complain?) So I am sitting down here to write a quick one, more later, while I am getting dinner (it is cooking waiting for my OH to arrive.) My daughter and S-I-L picked up their little guy and will be taking him into the doctor (should be there now actually), so soon I should get a report on what the outcome was and how he is doing. I hope he is feeling better. It was a day of non-communication with him, he is only 23 months, and sitting on the couch watching Pingu.

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