Monday, January 26, 2009

Let The Craziness Begin!

Today I am back at school. That statement alone should be all anyone needs to understand exactly where I am coming from. I really hate it when a new session begins because I am all stressed feeling awaiting what all the Professors have in store for me this session. Each time I am afraid I won't be able to handle it all. Even my dogs and cats pick up on it and very quietly go lay 'well...Mom needs her space today.' My cats are kind enough not to lay on my hands as I try to type, I really appreciate it that. I know that in just a week or so I will be 'in the groove' again and will mellow out, but right now I am just way too wound up. It is the type of thing where you just feel like you have so much to do that it paralizes you and you get to the point where you just get nothing done. So - time to step back, sit down...make a list, and then do it one thing at a time. No looking at the big picture for that is too scarey right now, just step by step get through everything that needed to be done and before you know it, it is all under control. I really think that is a plus for animals, they live their days one moment at a time and don't worry about the 'big picture'. Now if I can just focus on things the way they all do, I will do all right!

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