Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Cats....

Both of my cats will be 20 years old in April. I think that is an astounding feat and they seem pretty active and healthy for their ages. Vinni is pretty different than Monty in many ways. Vinni is heavier, lazier and doesn't play with toys as much as Monty. Monty is always being fed because he is on the thin side, loves his food, really very active for a 20 year old and the trouble maker of the two. He even tries to slap the dogs around....pretty funny when he does it too. Fortunately the dogs ignore him and just walk on by when he does that. Monty plays with just about everything too. I just can't believe they are both nearly 20 years of age now. They also both like to sit on me, and other people a lot. Sometimes when I am typing on my laptop computer I have a cat laying across each of my arms. Biggest problem with that is that Monty can't resist laying his feet over the keys, so sometimes he hits my caps lock, as well as other keys and I find myself suddenly TYPING LIKE THIS.... ;)

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