Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Today Comes Action!

On Tuesdays I babysit my Grandson all day, instead of him going to day care. The dogs hit the family room in the morning and see the toys are in place for a little visitor. I think if they could speak they'd say 'OH Noooo'. But they stop and look at the toys then look back at me. Slowly go lay down. They know that their otherwise quiet day is going to be filled with hoots and hollars, and just general chaos.

I figure it breaks the monotony for them, but I bet they would tell me differently.

(Grandson is napping now)
Burrr...in the deep freeze again today, right now I am getting a reading of -3 on the thermometer. The sun is brightly shinning in and Scooter has the sunniest place in the house right now. Even Vinni is sitting there staring at him waiting for his chance to take over Scooter's spot. Scooter does look pretty comfortable all spread out over his big dog bed, sun bathing his entire body. Very relaxed. hummm..maybe I should go lay down there and join him. zzzzzz

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