Saturday, January 17, 2009

Scooter Patooter

After days of being nearly housebound I am proud to report the weather is easing up on us here and it is currently 18 degrees *above zero*!! That being said I will turn to our newest hound who was being very cute last night. We have a little pond outside our family room deck doors and it has a light in it, and a greyhound statue sitting around it, as well as a couple of fairies. It always manages at least a trickle even in the coldest of temps. So we get wild life hanging around it. It is in an area that dogs don't normally get around to keep everybody safe, hounds, wildlife and so on. But they can watch the area from inside the house, which is what Scooter has taken up as a hobby in the last day or two. He has become our 'LOOK!' alarm. Mom...bunny!!! Look! And he really doesn't bark at them, but it gets pretty hard to ignore an excited 80 pound mass of cute ears all perked up and floppy - puppy style standing in the window, wanting you to see it, but being unable to totally turn away from it. What amused me most is that it was at 9 at night - dark outside and he is *still* standing there like - 'you just gotta' see this!'. He has been here nearly a year now and I know these things have passed right under his nose before. Seems when there is energy to be spent with these guys they will find a way to let it out. "We laugh at the cold...HA HA!". ;)

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