Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This Afternoon

I had a doctor's appointment, got there right on time only to find out my doctor was behind in appointments 30-40 minutes. I had no book with me, normally I bring one to read while waiting but simply forgot. There seems to be a lack of good reading material in that waiting room, normally while waiting 'for whatever' I can catch up on my 'People' magazine reading...or other things I never normally read. However, today, due to the lack of stellar reading material I decided to play a game on my new cell phone. It has a rather large screen, yea!, so easier for me to see. Then I discovered since it was a new phone - no games were on it. I then set about downloading 'Bejeweled' and sat their playing it. Finally the nurse called me in and there was a 'hoard' of little toddlers rummaging around in the back hall. I commented to the nurse on it and she just smiled and said...'uh yes'. (Like Oh yes, there are always 20 toddlers loose in the hall back here by the exam rooms). Moved on through the appointment, I mean really you have got to love it, an hour waiting for maybe 7 minutes with the doctor and then you are out the door...and in with the toddlers again.

I will be going in tomorrow after fasting in the morning to get some blood taken for some chemisteries. Wonder if the halls will still be swarming with toddlers....

Anyway, after I left I went over to Target to get some 'stuff', and then was going over to the post office to mail something, just a quick shove into the drive-thru boxes... Here is my daughter's car just in front of mine at the boxes, and then she turns into the 'exit' to park in the lot of the Post Office, so I followed her. (A normal mom thing I think, even if it means going the wrong way to do it). I pull up next to her to say hi and to ask if she needed any help. She participates in a book group deal where she mails a lot of packages quite frequently and has a 23 month old (whom I love dearly) who isn't well and was in the back seat of the car strapped in. So I figured she might need some help and I would get to check in and see how my grandson is feeling.

So I roll down the window and say hello. My daughter asks if I would get into her car and be with Keegan (grandson) while she ran into the post office, then she wouldn't have to get him out. Of course I obliged. Got in the car "Hi Boogy, how are you doing?" (Boogy being my nick-name for my grandson). He looks at me and in his 23 month old way, looks very matter of fact and says "Momma forgot me." I said, "No Momma didn't forget you, it is just so cold outside ... she left you with me so you wouldn't get too cold (was -3 outside)" I talk to him ask him how he is feeling - he just stares at me... . My daughter comes back - was a pretty quick trip in and out of the post office, Keegan then says the only other thing he'd said to me since I'd climbed in his car to watch him "Where's Bampa?"

I'm like - hello little sweetie, what am I chopped liver? Anyway, I told him I loved him and gave him a daughter as well then got back into my car like a good little invisible granny should. (I guess) I arrived home to be greeted by beautiful hounds and kittens who are always glad to see me, else they pee on the floor if I don't let them out. It is just so good to be loved. ;)

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