Monday, July 28, 2008

Midgets and Midges

As always it has been quite a while since I entered anything. There are things to say, of course, but often I wonder how worth while they are when it comes to writing them down. My husband has been encouraging me to set down in writing the stories I tell him each day after babysitting my grandson. I just don't know if I *can* tell them without my entire body demonstrating his antics. I think that my whole self is *much* better at telling the stories than just my words.

Anyway, this last weekend we went camping. My grandson likes to get up early and on Sunday morning I hear this was fairly early for a Sunday, not that it bothered me, but I'm guessing considering how close the campsites are together, others could hear it as well. I hear a noise and look up, because my head is almost even with our window in our camper (I'm a 2 pillow sleeper), and my SIL is leaving the camper, he came inside our camper to do something and then went back out. But while he was gone I could hear my daughter saying 'No, don't do that!', and the door would quickly open and shut, and well, that went on about 3 times or so. When my SIL tried to get back in their camper. I then heard my daughter exclaim, 'don't open the door I am trying to get dressed!'. So said SIL just stood outside with his hands in his pockets waiting, obviously our little buddy inside was preventing her getting dressed quickly by continuously opening the door. Next thing I saw (or heard) as they were eating right outside out window, was about grandson (18 months old) wanted 'bapple' so he got 'bapple'. But somewhere in their conversation my little grandbaby says 'yo mama'....I heard my daughter say 'did he just say 'yo mama'?' I looked up again and grandson was pointing to his father...(did he just say 'yo mama' to his DaDa?) At which point I burst into uncontrollable laughter, and needless to say they could hear us about as well as we could hear them...except they weren't sure if it was laughing or crying they were hearing from our camper. So then when I could breath again, I just confirmed the 'laughing'. Not sure why I found that so funny.... I think I was the only one that did.

It was shortly after that I heard quite a loud 'bang' on the camper and then my grandson crying....when I saw him a little while later there were a couple of big red welts on his head. Seems he saw the 'ball' on the trailer hitch and since he is just *crazy* for balls...he headed right for it, not caring that there was a very large camper in his way - walked right into it. Now you think he would learn from that, however he managed to do it 2 more times before the day was out. His mother, who was planning to get his photo done in the next few days, has now canceled his photo session until some of the bruises on his face fade.

Another interesting thing that occurred this last weekend while camping at Father Hennepin park was that there was a huge Midge hatching that was extremely eerie! There were *so* many that you could see dark waves of the bugs up in the sky right above the tree tops. And the noise!!! That was the spookiest part of all, very loud swarming sounds that would change a little in pitch...and got louder as the swarms of them grew closer over head. They do not bite, and they stay up above the trees for the most part, still we closed everything up and went inside to play cards. It was all just too weird.

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