Thursday, August 26, 2010

Renner Has A Roo

Many years ago when 9 hounds had taken over our home there were many ‘group’ roos during the day. There usually was a main ‘song leader’ and the others joined in, accept for the most bashful singer.

Roni was usually the songstress who started it all.

One by one the singing hounds passed away as well as all the others who were too shy to sing.

When there was just Renner and Scooter here I would play some ‘Rooing’ songs to them in hopes they would join in. Though their ears perked and heads tilted to listen, they never did. I missed hearing those head raising, sometimes ear piercing, songs from the heart.

As a lot of you know Scooter passed away a few weeks back.

091909_2_nerstrand park He is missed terribly.

Renner misses him, that much you can tell, as Scooter was the alpha between the two of them. Renner is now, for the first time in his life, without another hound above him. No doubt this has been a little bit confusing for him, but on the other hand he has all the affection possible lavished upon him. Ruby comes over quite often and spends time with him so certainly he enjoys her company.

However, this morning I played for him the video of hounds rooing and this is what I heard.

Alone, Renner has found his voice again. Rooing here like back in the days when Roni was still here to lead the choir. It actually brought tears to my eyes.  I felt he was just singing out what was in his soul and perhaps what was in mine as well.


  1. That is wonderful! I'm so glad Renner has found his voice. I played the clip (which made me damp-eyed, too) and the Labradors barked but Frodo, the only Dalmatian singer we've got now, didn't react. He was howling earlier when the phone rang, though. He often howls when I go out and he and Gus, our Labrador youngster, had a duet the other day. Gus hasn't howled before and his voice is deeper than Frodo's. Most of our dogs have been singers. I love it :-)

  2. This really touched my heart.
    ☼ Sunny

  3. WOOT how cool is that. I'm glad his voice is back. I never k ew they did that. Sensational. :)

  4. Awwww... how sweet that is. Bless him, he looks such a sweetheart!

    Do you only have one greyhound now? So do I ... I want another, but have to wait until it's 'my husband's idea'.


    We had a singer in Jack. He would sing his heart out at the slightest provocation, until his airway disease took his breath away, but even then he'd try, and only a squeak would come out (he was nearly thirteen when he stopped singing properly). I miss that dog. *Sigh*

  5. That is hilarious :-) Hats off to Renner and his wonderful musical performance!

  6. Renner thanks you for all of the wonderful comments. Jay - yes just one now. Not sure if there will ever be another. :(

  7. ah- Renner sings the blues. My puppy does this every passing siren, which is sad since we live near a hospital. I do love the singing though

  8. oh renner you wee ripper bringing back song into the house loves and licks!!!

  9. I didn't know Scooter passed away. I'm so sorry to hear this. This was very touching. Renner is such a sweetheart.

    Missing a loved pet is so hard. We are so fortunate to have them in our lives but that makes it all the harder and sadder when they go. I struggle a lot still with the loss of Bucky and miss him so much. Anyway, please take good care, and again, I'm so sorry.

  10. I was telling someone just today that I miss the roos here since Hawk passed away. He was always the song leader, and since he passed away, the girls won't join in. They were definitely interested in Renner's singing, though! lol I think he has four new fans!

    I know it's hard to think about adopting again after you lose one. Your emotions are so raw. I sort of hope you do, though!

  11. I could see and hear emotions in Renner. Its really hard loosing someone you love.

    Take care.

  12. ohhhh bless him - what a soulful song!!! Hippie roos all the time but little whippet Alfie only does it in his sleep so far! He loved the video tho and sends you a hug and so do I!




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