Tuesday, August 31, 2010

To Market, To Market…Just To Hang Out

I really enjoy trips to the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market during the summer months. Sometimes I get absolutely nothing but enjoy the feel of the market. The sights, sounds and smells create such a unique sense of ‘freshness’ that it is just fun being there. Just a ‘Yummy’ atmosphere.

The Farmer’s Market is even a learning experience. (What is that?)

A lot of beautiful produce of the common and not so common variety is sold there of course, as well as loads of beautiful, fresh flowers.

However, there are other things you can find there as well. Though it is called a ‘Farmers Market’ I feel it has evolved into more of a Bazaar.

Balloon ‘designers’…look a flower balloon! A must have.

Hummm…think it will fit in the car?

Perhaps these flowers are hardy enough to make it through a Minnesota winter!


A chance to accessorize!


Henna tattoos.

Man Cave anyone?

Sales pitches galore.

All that and music too!

And by the crumbs on this little face you can guess there were some pretty good eats there as well.

Truly a reflection of an interesting and fun way to spend a morning. Oh…and also a great place to purchase fresh produce.


  1. OMG those sunglasses are just the bomb. I love the look your grandson sports with them on :) You know I played an accordion back in the day. LOL Don't ask. I haven't touched one in thousands of years LOL How colorful and just a fun outing. :) Thanks for sharing.

  2. What an incredible market! I love all the bright colors and the huge variety and selection.

  3. I love our riverfront farmer's market, too! It's very similar to yours, but on a smaller scale. You captured some lovely shots!




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