Monday, August 31, 2009

My World Tuesday


Our Backyard Garden


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My World Tuesday


  1. That looks like a wonderful garden. I enjoy seeing gardens but I haven't had one in years.
    You must have a very green thumb.

  2. It seems so organized and well kept. A good place to rest your mind.

  3. What a lovely garden, beautiful shots! Like James, I haven't had a garden in years and I agree you must have a green thumb!

    Have a great week!


  4. very nice... is it a tiered garden?

  5. James,
    A joint effort between Mr. S and myself on the garden. Used to grow veggies but now only flowers. Most come back on their own. We plan it for as little amount of work as possible.
    Thanks James.

    Thanks! It is nice to look at and does feel calming to look over it while sitting in the porch swing.

    Thanks. Glad you stopped by.

    Hi Kate,
    Yes it is a tiered garden. Our yard dictated the type of garden put in. It has a lump where the septic goes beneath, so we had to tier it to best fit the terrain.

  6. That's your garden!? Wow! It's quite beautiful. You put a lot of loving care into it, and you deserve to have such a lovely place to enjoy!

  7. Thank you Lucy! Glad you stopped by!

  8. It looks really nice - I'm struggling with mine at the moment - previous owner dug out all the incline in the back garden and made it one huge paved patio - trouble is it floods because its lower than the water table - so I need to put soil and drainage back in - its a nightmare!! Tiers might be an idea though!!!

  9. woah it looks so tidy!! it puts our garden to shame i must tell b & c they should be ashamed arf arf




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