Tuesday, August 04, 2009

ABC Wednesday - ‘C’

This week ABC Wednesday is Celebrating the letter ‘C’.


This is our Campsite when we are all set up pretty much. It Consists of our rig and the Car we tow which is a Chevrolet HHR. We use ex-pens to set up a little yard for our Retired Racing Greyhounds because they are not the kind of dog you can ‘tie up’. Besides they like having their own little yard to roam at will with no entanglements.


The photo above was taken at Crow Wing State Park, Minnesota.


The photo above was taken at Camden State Park, Minnesota.

Here you Can see we lay down some indoor/outdoor Carpeting under their beds. When we aren’t off hiking, or inside, this is where they lounge around. Very often we have our awning out over them. In the photos you see (left to right) Scooter, Grand Greyhound Ruby, and Renner.


Yes the hounds do all fit inside the little HHR we tow. The back seat is down and beds Cover the floor. There is plenty of room for them but you can see they tend to ‘Clump’ together back there for a snooze on the way to Dairy Queen for some ice Cream on the warm summer days.


Inside you Can see Scooter is ready to go!



I’d say they are pretty Comfy inside the Camper as well as out.

And then there is the hiking……


Hiking trail at Crow Wing State Park heading down toward the water.

Some scenes from Camden State Park trails follow.





  1. Thanks so much for the help re the noise on my blog! All is well now!
    Camping...hmmm once lost a tent in Wales, it blew away! lol!

  2. Wow, looks like a beautiful park. BTW, I fixed the link on my blog. Hit the first one, and that will take you to a different documentary on North Korea.

  3. Reminds me of the days when camping was a tent - Today I'm too old for that.

  4. mrsnesbitt and RuneE,
    Yes...I too remember the tenting days, though I never had a tent blow away, we did have a screened canaopy that we sometimes put up over the eating spot. We had one of those take off on us once, and once had a skunk get inside who couldn't figure out how to get out.

    Those days are long gone as I am also too old for the tent. Enter the RV a few years ago....name on the back reads 'Roughing It Smoothly'. Says it all! ;)

  5. Now that's roughing it - or not! lol I also enjoy cabins instead of tents. And so much fun to have the dogs along!

  6. A beautiful park, and the dogs certainly seem to be enjoying it :-)

  7. Very cute dogs and a great looking park.

  8. Wonderful youc an camp as a family, including the greyhounds.

  9. Greyhounds and their cousins are delightful dogs and these look very comfy.

  10. Your greyhound have lots to lounge around on. Looks idylic.

  11. Not really into camping, although a camper (instead of a tent) might be a good idea.
    Those dogs look really comfy though. As if they have the most relaxing holiday ever... I am jealous!

  12. Lovely dogs and a beautiful park and great shots! Thanks for sharing the trip!

  13. Oh, it all looks so comfortable and peaceful! I love your dogs! I think I'd love your motorhome too, but it would be far too big for me to drive on our little roads.

  14. Hi Leslie,
    It is great bringing the dogs along. I love to have them and they seem to like it. Yep - I don't see more tents in my future anytime soon. But then I guess you never know. Thank you Leslie.

    Hi anthony and James,
    Really so glad you enjoyed the dogs and the park photos. Thank you!

    Hi there Your EG,
    Nice having you stop by. Camping is such a family activity to me, and of course the hounds are our family as well as our children. Could never leave them out!

    Hello Ackworth,
    Thank you so much for visiting. I think all the sight hounds are quite lovely. I'm with you on that!

    Hi Joy,
    Thank you! Yes, these hounds have it so tough. ;) Actually, they pretty much lay around just about anywhere they go. Thank you again for the comment.

    Hi Mara,
    Camping in a tent is a lot different than in an RV, to be sure. Though we do still often cook over the campfire and all, if you like you can pop some food in the microwave instead. I enjoy it mostly because I get to lay in an actual bed and not on the ground. Priceless.... Thanks for dropping by Mara I enjoy hearing from you.

  15. Hi Syliva K.
    Hey - great to have you come by. Thank you for the nice comments!So glad you enjoyed seeing the dogs and the park.

  16. Hi there Jay,

    Oh thank you, I love seeing Sid too! It is usually very peaceful. I agree I really don't think we could drive that on European roads. Plenty of room though, to drive it where we do. I have to say there have been a few occasions where we were nervous because of being in a tight spot, but have always managed it without incident thus far. :) Thank you for coming by Jay, I love to see you here.

  17. Great C post. I love camping... and your greyhounds are beautiful.

  18. Your greyhounds are lovely, and I love the picture of them on their own beds lounging in front of the camper. They must enjoy camping as much as you do!

  19. Wow - that's major camping! Your dogs look happy.

  20. Camping in my day was enforced recreation with tents and the like; this seemed less stressful. But does the dog have a license?

  21. That is a nice camping setup you have there and the dogs look like they travel first class. Thank you for sharing.

    God bless.

  22. Lovely! I was showing your video on retired greyhounds to my partner at the weekend - he thought it was wonderful!!

  23. I love camping and do it all summer.

    Your home on wheels looks beautiful. such freedom, huh?

  24. All look to be very comfortable!
    I love being outside in nature. Your pups look so pretty and happy!

  25. Hi Carol, Rose, and RogerB,
    Thank you!
    They seem to enjoy it, we really enjoy being altogether and taking in the beautiful country....relaxing. Glad you all stopped by.

    Roger B Owen - yep, Scooter has his learner's permit, he was really just looking for the keys! ;)

    Mrsupole and Regina,
    Thank you. Glad you liked my 'C' post this week. I appreciate you comments!

    Hi Kate,
    Fantastic, so glad you are shaing it. I love promoting Retired Racing adoptions and am happy whenever someone enjoys my video! Thank you for showing it to him, glad he liked it.

    Hi Linda J. and Q,
    Thank you for visiting and loved your comments thank you. Yes freedom it large rig brings is nice. The parks are beautiful and we like seeing the dogs happy. If they are comfortable and happy, then I am happy. :)

  26. Very nice camp! Tenting is how I camped for a long time and it seems like there was never a trip that didn't have some sort of weird tale connected to it. The dogs look very comfortable!

  27. Love the shots of the dogs outside the van, and that last shot belongs on a birthday card!
    Sorry I'm so late returning your visit - life took over for a bit!




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