Monday, August 17, 2009

Smiling Greyhound Award

Introducing the Smiling Greyhound Blog Award.


Roos to those who make reading blogs to our hounds a pleasure.

Let’s give it out in 3’s, because that is how many hounds hang around my house. Please paste it on your site and link it back to my site. (Renner thanks you!)

I am awarding the Smiling Greyhound Blog Award to James who actually has two very pleasant blogs: Thank you, James, I really appreciate your help.

Also Bodie and Doyle who do a good job of making even us Yanks smile.

One more out to Jay at Johnny Depp and Greyhounds all in one blog. Who could ask for more?

Please give them a visit, you will enjoy them all.

Thanks! Sistertex


  1. Thank you very much Sistertex. This is so nice of you. I think this is the cutest award that I seen.

  2. oh how furry furry cool, we are honoured and will proudly show off the award this thursday's colur post cos its PINK how pawfect!

  3. Sounds pawfect to me as well! :)

  4. Hi Sistertex, I have something for you at my Something Sighted blog.

  5. OOoh! Thank you!! I'm honoured! Especially since it's one of your beautiful dogs! :)

  6. Jay,
    Most welcome, lots of Scritches to Sid!!

  7. Hello, Sixtertex,

    I just discovered your blog through another one, and happened to see the smiling greyhound award. It caught my eye, because my hubby and I are greyhound owners!

    You might like to take a look at my blog too. . our sweet greyhound is periodically featured in one of my Wordless Wednesday posts! :)


  8. All great suggestions - thanks for sharing some new reading!




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