Saturday, August 22, 2009



Fidget is fitting in very well!

Renner has been teaching Fidget all of his best sleeping techniques.

upside down Ren

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  1. Ahh that is so cute. Great pictures. Do I see a greyhound statue? I love your header picture too. :-)

    Don't worry I'm speaking softly so I won't wake them up.

  2. Fidget is adorable! I remember a little bit when I was a kitten.

    Mama loves greyhounds!


  3. The both have excellent form! Bunny would give them two dewclaws up if she had them!

  4. Ahahahaha! Oh, how I want to do that too!!!

  5. Ahh - aren't they both so cute?

    Its a shame Max and Hippie don't get along - Max would quite like to get closer but Hippie is terrified of him!!!

  6. They are adorable..How I wish to sleep like that..

  7. Awwww you guys are really cute! I sleep like that sometimes, too, and so does Mojo! Hope you get lots of rest! See you next week!

    Sam Schnauzer and Mojo the Most

  8. How sweet you are dear friends!Happy Pet Pride! I love your pictures!
    purrs and love

  9. James,
    Hi there
    Yes, there is a Greyhound statue, it is out by a little pond we have in our backyard, which is on the other side of that window Renner is lounging by. Thanks for using your inside voice. :) I like to change the header photo from time to time (which may or may not be a good idea....I guess.) Thanks James!

    Hi Lucy,
    Thanks for checking out Mr. Fidget. He was up to no good this morning and is current serving a time out for terrorizing poor Renner this morning. He's new and sometimes tries to push the Greyhounds around...mostly because they let him.

    I am sure you were as cute and beautiful as a kitten as you are now! And you would never pick on a Greyhound, right? :) Thanks for visiting Lucy!

  10. Hi houndstooth and Maureen,
    Thanks for your stopping by! They have both been practicing their form, especially Renner, for sometime now. I have yet to prefect it, but I'm working on it as well.

  11. Hi Kate,
    Interesting you should mention Max and Hippie not hitting it off. Perhaps in time things will change. I know it takes a while for them to be 'friends' sometimes. Right now we are experiencing the same thing here, unfortunately. Scooter and Renner are both very good with Fidget, dont bother him at all. But they are afraid to walk by him in a small area and like to give Fidge a wide berth. Fidget is getting used to the dogs slowly but is still pretty jumpy about them. He had a little brawl with GrandGreyhound Ruby this weekend when she was here and she got a bit of a scratch on her muzzle from him (he got another timeout). She has kitties at her house and I do believe she walked up to give him a sniff....he reacted by blowing up everything on his person like a puffer fish and hissed and gave her a whack before flying off to behind the couch. Not happy about the hissy fits when it comes to the dogs, but it was expected as he must make it understood to those who might prey on him that he is not what is for dinner! Clearly none of my hounds are thinking they can take him at this point...their 80 pounds to his 5. We figure it will be quite a while until all have formed any sort of bonding. I think we have a long way to go until they can hang together the way Vinni and Monty used to. Gentle ear scritches to Hippie and Max!

  12. Hi Turquoise and Sylvia K,
    Thanks for visiting! Lots of resting up going on here right now. :)

  13. I love the pics of figet - he looks like his is part of the family! Finally figured out how to follow your blog. :)

  14. Hi Kim,
    Yea you! Glad you figured it out! :) Nice to see you. Fidget has heard all about you and is excited to meet you. Thanks!

  15. hey guys good to see you indulging in my favorite pastime!

  16. Mr Fidget looks so sweet. And yet I can well imagine him doing a spot of greyhound-terrorising!

    Love the roach. Sid tries, but he hasn't managed to stay up more than a few seconds so far. Just long enough for me to grab my camera and catch him in the act of rolling back down. LOL!




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